Indica strain: Yet another strain whose genetics are hotly disputed, Asian Fantasy is one of those strains so hard to come by that not a few articles have appeared questioning whether it still exists. It exists, alright. Oh, yes.

A dense, sticky variety with thick green nugs positively swarming with red hairs, Asian Fantasy is a marvel to behold. Most striking about its appearance is its very un-budlike shape—long and slightly curved, like a crayfish. Its beauty is matched only by its taste—harsh and spicy, reminiscent of Moroccan hashish—and its powerful, warm-butter-in-the-veins stone. Take our word for it, Asian Fantasy is definitely nighttime medicine, perfect for fighting even the toughest bouts of insomnia or settling the most jangled nerves.

A story frequently told about this strain attributes its supposed extinction to a certain greedy individual who hoarded its seeds and then lost track of the genetics himself. While at least part of that story is certainly untrue—as we said, reports of Asian Fantasy’s demise are greatly exaggerated—the legend does carry a powerful lesson we’d all do well to heed: Take care to share your bounty, or your bounty will be taken from you.

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