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New Zealand 2012 GMM

2012 Global Marijuana March.

New Zealand 2011 GMM J Day

2011 GMM.

New Zealand 2009 GMM

2009 GMM.

Auckland 2000 MMM New Zealand

2000 MMM.

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Wikipedia: Cannabis by country.
Search for marijuana march videos. And more.
2020, 2019 Global Marijuana March. Crowd photos.

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1035 cities have participated from 85 nations or subnational areas since 1999.

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2020, 2019 Global Marijuana March. Crowd photos.

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2012 Edit

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See 2012 Global Marijuana March map.


2011 Edit

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See Global Marijuana March 2011 map.


2009 Edit

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See GMM 2009, and archive, 2.

Auckland: Chris Fowlie 09 302 52555 info(at) NORML New Zealand, PO Box 3307, Shortland Street, Auckland, NZ. Albert Park High noon to 4:20

2008 Edit

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See 2008 GMM, and archive, 2.

Auckland: Chris Fowlie 09 302 52555 info(at) NORML New Zealand, PO Box 3307, Shortland Street, Auckland, NZ. Albert Park High noon to 4:20

Auckland J Day (as the Marijuana March is known here in New Zealand) attracted about 2000 people to Myers Park. A haze of blue smoke hung over the crowd for the entire day, peaking at 4:20pm when a massive cloud filled the air.

The day featured music from local bands King Cannons, Joint Collective, Silvah & Battlesound Galatica, plus DJs Selecto, Matty Dread, Truent, Sparx, Willi the Kid, Sol'omonics, and stalls from The Hempstore, The Grow & Brew Shop, and the Switched On Gardener.

We also had a "Grower's Ironman" competition which pitted contestants in a tough race around the park, carrying buckets of water and sacks of fertilizer.

There were no arrests and no appearances by the police.

A local water bottling company even made some commemorative limited-edition "J Day 2008" bottled mineral water for us to sell for fundraising.

Thanks to all the crew who helped, the musicians who played for free, the suppliers who gave us supportive discounts, and the sponsors who made it happen.

Chris Fowlie

NORML New Zealand

2007 Edit

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See Global Marijuana March 2007 map.

2006 Edit

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See Global Marijuana March 2006 map.
  • Report (from old GMM site): We got about 1000 people over the day, spread out around Albert Park. The main activities were by the intersection of Victoria St East where we had a tent set up with DJs, petitions, information and very public marijuana consumption. There were no arrests, and we were one of the main stories on TV3 news that night.

2005 Edit

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See Global Marijuana March 2005 map.

We held a successful J Day 4:20 smoke-in at The Hempstore's "420 Box" by Albert Park. About 60 or 70 people turned up, including some from out of town and some tourists. A NORML banner was proudly displayed, and leaflets handed out. Someone brought along a gas stove and spotting knives to huge cheers from the crowd. It turned into quite a big session, with cars driving by "tooting for support".

A couple of police cars drove by with the drivers looking puzzled. Eventually two friendly-looking uniformed cops on foot came down from Albert Park. I intercepted them and asked how I could help. Luckily it was just as there was a lull in the spots, and there didn't happen to be any joints burning at that moment. They said they were looking for someone - who wasn't with us. The UK-import cop did all the talking, saying "Don't worry, we're not here for you guys, we respect your protest and we'll leave you to it". They walked off, and we got back to it …

There was some talk among the participants of making this a regular 4:20 smoke in every Saturday afternoon – sounds good to us!

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