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22 Apr 2016: Mexico proposes legal medical marijuana, and increasing legal recreational possession from 5 to 28 grams (1 ounce). [2][3][4][5]. And: White House to meet with cannabis activists. April 21, 2016 article.

Bernie can pay for 2 years of public college by making 16 the legal age of adulthood. Freeing up 2 years of average public high school costs of $12,000 a year. Plus room and board costs. [6].

Bernie Sanders Pulls Ahead Of Hillary Clinton In New Poll. Bernie wins in all national matchups.

March 2016 US national polling. General election matchups.jpg

21 Jan 2016: Maryland Ends Mandatory Minimums For Drug Users, Lets Non-Violent Offenders Out Early. And: Medical Marijuana Legalized in Pennsylvania [9][10]. But also building prison. And: Victoria becomes the first Australian state to legalize medical cannabis. [11] [12]. And: DEA could soon announce a major decision on rescheduling marijuana. And: Whoopi Goldberg founds medical marijuana company for women. And: Cancer patient shares graphic photos in call for pot to be legalized in Australia.

Vote for cannabis! US Republicans limit voting via longer lines, and fewer ballots and polling places. They limit or veto early voting, same day registration, and automatic registration. And: They block reform of mandatory minimum sentencing laws. Trillions of dollars for the prison-industrial complex. And: Why Trump’s support for private prisons and mass incarceration should worry you.
America's mass incarceration.jpg

Republican system of inequality, endless drug war, and mass incarceration being crushed by independents from within and without. The Republican House of Representative continues to block veterans from using cannabis -- by denying prescription VA painkillers if they use cannabis. Idiotic and cruel, since cannabis is much safer. [13].

Nixon Aide Admitted Drug War Was Meant To Target Black People. Intense racial targeting associated with the drug war wasn’t an unintended side effect — it was the whole point. And GOP mass incarceration helps in enforcing income inequality.

22 Mar 2016: Total arrests down in legal states, but blacks arrested for marijuana at twice the rate of peers. And: Trump and Cruz: Huge tax cuts for the rich paid for by tax increases on lower incomes.

Republicans want to put a conservative drug warrior on the Supreme Court. Supreme Court rejects conservative challenge to Colorado marijuana law from Republican states. 2. And: Republicans are busy filing retrograde drug bills across the land.

23 Mar 2016: Rally against Republican committee leaders refusing to allow vote to reschedule cannabis. High Times: "it will be helpful, and indeed crucial, for advancing legalization for Democrats to take control of the Senate"

U.S. incarceration timeline 4.jpg
Republican obstructionism has blocked bills against mass incarceration. Obama is helping turn around the Reagan-Bush War on Pot, mandatory minimums, and mass incarceration. See: US incarceration peaked in 2008.

2016 Calendar of American cannabis events and cups. Including GMM and 420 events.

11 Mar 2016: War on Drugs 'Is an Unmitigated Disaster': Former Latin American Heads of State.

CNN: Study: 3 federal laws could reduce gun deaths by more than 90%. Oops, we didn't need the NRA-championed mandatory minimums and the incarceration nation. Trillions of dollars wasted.

Bernie Sanders won the Colorado primary. His cannabis views helped. And: CNN poll! Bernie crushes Trump, Rubio, or Cruz. Hillary loses to Rubio or Cruz. Wins against Trump. And: Independents greatly outnumber Democrats or Republicans.

Canadian single-payer healthcare, and Portuguese drug decriminalization. On ballot in 2016: ColoradoCare. 2. It would cover all residents and cost less than the current system. One primary payer, and no deductibles and no co-pays. See: Business people for Single-payer Healthcare. Fed up with uncontrollable costs of U.S. healthcare. Save trillions of dollars.

Kofi Annan

Trump, Sanders, Clinton all support Government-Funded Universal Healthcare. 2. Republicans want to continue subsidizing the health insurance racket. Bernie wants to save trillions of $ by phasing it out, and eliminating the middleman. Canada's single-payer universal healthcare costs less per person than U.S. healthcare. 2.3.. For more countries and charts: 4.5.. See chart below to the right:

Average total healthcare spending (public and private) per person for various developed nations.jpg

Canada leading the way:

21 Jan 2016: Maryland Lawmakers Override Republican Veto of Marijuana Paraphernalia Decriminalization. [15]. Existing pot decrim meant a fine for possession, but jailed for the joint paper or baggie.

An economist says Bernie's universal healthcare would save $6 trillion over 10 years. 2. A Chicago Tribune healthcare article: In Europe, Sanders would be center-right. And: Nurses Applaud New Sanders Plan for Healthcare for All. 2.3. And: President of Physicians for a National Health Program: Single-Payer is The Only System that can Achieve Universal Health Care.

Sanders says Clinton fails to mention that 'Medicare for all' (Single Payer) saves families about $5000 a year in premiums, deductibles, and co-pays.

Republicans think they can spend an infinite amount of money (many trillions of dollars) on health-insurance-company-based healthcare, and have an infinite number of babies, to feed their appetite for endless ground wars, and for more inmates for more prisons for more drug war.
World population milestones.jpg

Cannabis is safer and cheaper.

29 Jan 2016: Republican governor rejects vets, PTSD, and new medical marijuana conditions. [16].

Marijuana in the South: A State-by-State Guide. Republicans created a THC-free south. USA Today: 11 states least likely to legalize marijuana. Republican states across the nation.

7 Jan 2016: Oklahoma, Nebraska Republicans again suing Colorado over marijuana in Supreme Court [17]. And: Democrat governor of Pennsylvania makes medical marijuana a top priority.

Vermont may be the first state to legalize recreational cannabis via the legislature. Vermont has Democrat governor and legislature [18][19][20][21].

Bernie is right. Oxfam: 62 richest own half world's wealth. Down from 388 people just 5 years ago 2. And: Richest 1% Now Wealthier Than the Rest of the World. 3. And: Democrat debate: Sanders blasts mass incarceration, asks why millions of black Americans are in prison, but not Wall Street CEOs. And: Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6) gave us Trickle-down Economics, a renewed Drug War, and mass incarceration.

13 Jan 2016: 'Mass Incarceration in America' Topic of MLK 'Dream Week' Panel in San Antonio, Texas. And: Maine's Republican Governor Resurrects Every Racist Drug War Stereotype. [22][23][24][25][26]. And: NAACP of California endorses November 2016 ballot measure to legalize marijuana.

First medical marijuana dispensaries open in New York [29][30][31][32]

Handguns cause high U.S. murder rate compared to Canada and Europe.
2004-5 firearm ownership by household by country 2.gif
NRA's Mandatory Minimum Sentences created the U.S. Incarceration Nation.
4 Jan 2016: Washington Post: Oregon dispute arises from small fires and mandatory minimum sentencing. Irony of white Oregon militias opposing mandatory minimums championed by racist NRA Republicans to target black drug users. And: The Big Lie in the War Against Drugs. "two enemies: the antiwar Left, and Black people."

4 Jan 2016: Cannabis-growing nuns campaign to fight Merced marijuana ban [33][34].

Merced cannabis nun.jpg
Merced cannabis nun 2.jpg
Republicans waste trillions of dollars on drug wars, ground wars, health insurance companies, prison companies, tax breaks for the 1%, and subsidies for oil companies.

Trillions of dollars

1 Jan 2016: Oregon begins 'motor voter' program. Of course: "Not a single Republican voted in favor." And: More Than a Dozen States Eye Automatic Voter Registration. And: Sanders Blasts U.S. Mass Incarceration as 'International Embarrassment'. [35]. And: Vote in 2016!

New Republican governor removes voting rights of all felons for their entire lives 1. He also lowered the minimum wage. Keeping people poor and powerless, and shrinking the middle class. More ground wars, prisons, militarized police, fancy courthouses. Trillions of dollars

22 Dec 2015: Colombia legalizes medical marijuana. And: Why This Australian Anti-Marijuana Campaign Totally Backfired. Hilariously.

Barry Goldwater on Republican fundamentalists.jpg
Holy War on Drugs, Republican-led mass incarceration.
Trillions of dollars.

Healthcare cost by nation

8 Dec 2015: Portugal. Decriminalizing Drugs: When Treatment Replaces Prison. New York Times. Their universal healthcare [40] versus Republican Holy War on Drugs

Cut taxes by ending the drug war, the final "U.S. ground war". Cut Republican big spending: Wars, drug wars, US healthcare, and incarceration costs. See: Business people for Single-payer Healthcare. Fed up with uncontrollable costs of U.S. healthcare. Save trillions of dollars.

Canada's new Liberal government repeats promise to legalize marijuana. "Trudeau’s pledge to cut the tax rate for middle-income earners ... paid for by a tax hike on the wealthiest 1%."

Repeal insurance-based Obamacare. Replace with Canadian-style Single-payer Healthcare. 1. Obamacare regulates health insurance companies. Canada has dumped most of those companies. Save trillions of dollars.

ColoradoCare. "Colorado could make history next November by being the first state in the nation to approve a comprehensive single-payer health insurance system. ... This health insurance coverage has no deductibles and no co-pays." 1.2.

Come enroll against prohibition. No dues.jpg
Religious ideologues often favor wars, drug wars, oppression of women, and authoritarian governments. Republican fundamentalists and Saudi Wahhabists, for example.

20 Nov 2015: Washington, D.C., smells like marijuana, and residents don’t really care.

2016. Bernie Sanders Beats All Top Republican Candidates In Latest Poll. 1. As does Hillary, but not by as much. Imagine Bernie as an independent candidate becoming President. And many legalization initiatives winning. Hillary may need to drop out if she does not catch up.
Cures not wars 5.jpg

The Man Beaten And Choked At A Donald Trump Rally Tells His Story. Trump: OK to "rough up" black protesters, and sent a racist tweet [48]. You wonder why the Republican-led drug war is so racist.

Most Americans want a higher minimum wage, legalized recreational marijuana, and no mass incarceration. Most Republican politicians block all 3.
Reduce income inequality (timeline), and Trump's power, by increasing the minimum wage and taxes on the rich. Versus trickle-down economics of Jeb-Bushonomics and Rubionomics. Trillions of dollars to the 1%.

Wikipedia: Comparison of U.S. incarceration rate with other countries.
Drug war is also profitable: Prison companies, guard unions, law schools, courthouse construction
Cheney and Halliburton.jpg
Dick Cheney would like to thank you for your s?e?r?v?i?c?e? business. See Facebook comments

CIA and Mafia hit men. JFK. How many more confessions do we need? CIA starts wars. See: Wars, drug wars, and brutality on demand.

Hillary Clinton and GOP are wrong. Single-Payer Healthcare costs less per person, not more. 1.2.3. Wikipedia: Comparison of the health care systems in Canada and the USA. And: List of countries by total health expenditure per capita. See: Canadian single-payer healthcare and Portuguese harm reduction.
Dove cannabis earth 4.jpg

Washington DC. Pot Over Pills. Hundreds of Soldiers Spend Veteran’s Day Fighting for Pot Legalization [50]. And: Rally by Texas vets calls for legal pot to combat war wounds. And: Vet Faces Felony For Helping Veterans Treat PTSD With Cannabis. [51][52]. And: What Veterans Want in Healthcare, and Why the GOP Avoids It.

Ohio Rejects Marijuana Legalization. Late Night with Seth Meyers. Too funny. And: Medical marijuana dispensaries open in Illinois. [53][54][55]. Video. [56].

Lisa Sánchez, Pablo Girault, Armando Santacruz. SMART founders in Mexico.

4 Nov 2015: Mexican Supreme Court ruling. 4 people (of SMART) can grow and use marijuana [57][58][59][60][61][62]. New York Times: Push for Legal Marijuana Spreads.

Facebook's Sean Parker gets behind 2016 legalization initiative in California [63][64]. And: Uruguay, the first nation to legalize, moving to a full commercial market [65][66].

9 Nov 2015: Million Student March for free college tuition and student debt cancellation. See: Transfer of funds from higher education to the War on Drugs. Republicans defund higher education, and delay ending mass incarceration.

U.S. student debt timeline by age

2 Nov 2015: How Did the USA Become Incarceration Nation? [67].And: New Tool Exposes Companies Profiting from Mass Incarceration. &: Hundreds Of Cops Kicked Off Force For Sex Crimes [68][69]. &: Hillary Clinton Rattles Prison Stocks With a Single Tweet. Mass incarceration and private prisons.

Global Marijuana March animated.gif
Bernie Sanders introduces Senate bill to remove marijuana altogether from the federal outlawed drugs list.
Quentin Tarantino 2015 Oct 22.jpg

Another South African Joins the Constitutional Fight to Legalize Dagga (Marijuana). And: Costa Rica Legalizing Growing Marijuana for Personal Use?

Quentin Tarantino Blasts Killings by Cops as Nationwide Police State Protest Kicks Off 1. Youtube: Tarantino - War on Drugs is Like Slavery. And: Maps of USA showing areas of violence and oppression.

20 Oct 2015: Canadian election. Trudeau's party crushes Harper conservatives. Goodbye F-35s, hello marijuana [70][71].

Crime chart timeline.png

Coalition of top cops against mass incarceration [73][74][75] - Home. And: Texas Students Reach For Sex Toys To Protest Concealed Carry Law. --> NRA dildos helped create some of the mandatory minimum sentences responsible for life for pot sentences.

List of countries and U.S. states by incarceration rate. And: List of U.S. states by homicide rate. And: Firearm death rates in the US by state. And: List of countries by intentional homicide rate.

Where have all the burglars gone? 23. In contrast to NRA and GOP mass incarceration this is lowering crime rates in countries with far lower incarceration rates.

Just say no to years of lies.jpg

6 Oct 2015: Hell Freezes Over! Feds to Free Thousands of Drug War Prisoners By Month's End. 46,000 will eventually get early release. Ohio's Republican Attorney General sues Toledo to overturn marijuana decrim [76].

Australia: Federal Government to legalise growing of medicinal cannabis [77].

21 Oct 2015: Obama Tells Outdated Opioid Treatment Industry It's Time To Change. See transcript and video. And: Portugal, the nation that decriminalized drugs, has universal healthcare (as does Canada), and anybody can get drug treatment.

Bernie Sanders supports Single-Payer Healthcare, the cheapest universal healthcare. Republican politicians prefer the bribes of the useless health insurance industry.

1 Oct 2015: 264th mass shooting of the year. And: Dad cries out against GOP and NRA (National Rifle Association). And: 142 school shootings since Newtown. 45 in 2015.

The GOP and the NRA, and their costly Holy War on drugs, and mass incarceration. Compare to Iran: Woman gets 12-year sentence for cartoons [78].

Wikipedia: List of U.S. states by incarceration rate.

POLL | How Ohio voters really feel about legalizing marijuana. And: Bernie Sanders would vote for Nevada's legalization initiative if he were a Nevada resident [79][80].

23 Sep 2015: Willie Nelson secures Wall Street backing for his cannabis brand. And: Republican mayor will veto Albuquerque decriminalization [88]. And California: Melissa Etheridge Wows 'Em At Cannabis World Congress.

12 Aug 2015: Poll: Bernie Sanders surges ahead of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, 44-37. And again weeks later. [94].

Jury nullification blimp. No victim, no crime.jpg

Denver. Police are So Scared of Jury Nullification they Defy Judge’s Order and Unlawfully Removed Activists [95][96][97][98]. And: Illinois Governor (Republican) Vetoes Heroin Bill Over Medicaid Treatment Funding. And: Attempted recall of drug-warrior District Attorney of Denver.

Facebook comments.

Education saves money, because of much less recidivism[99][100]. Adulthood could start at 16 or 17, and that high school money saved could be allocated to 1 to 2 years of free college. Little useful for skilled jobs is learned in most poor public high schools. And it is easier to get college loans after passing 1-2 years of free college.

Facebook comments.

World population milestones.jpg

5 Aug 2015: Teen cannabis use 'NOT linked to depression or lung cancer in later life'. And: Study finds that teen marijuana use is not linked to issues of mental health. And: No Link Between Early Marijuana Use And Health Problems Later In Life.

Scott Walker Thinks The Minimum Wage Is 'Lame'. See timeline.

During prison visit Obama said it is a fine line between president and prisoner. And: Criminal Justice System 'Skewed By Race And By Wealth'. See more. See: Prison-industrial complex. And: drug war cost. Jobs versus Jails. Obama's overtime rule to raise pay of 5 million. Stop the 1%. President of AFL-CIO: "Mass incarceration is ineffective, racist, and morally bankrupt."
Bernie Sanders on Republican extremism.jpg
Facebook comments.
1915 article on deadly marihuana and Mexico.jpg
1915 article in a Utah newpaper.
1915: 'The Birth of a Nation'. Originally called The Clansman. First blockbuster movie. Roots of hate radio, Fox News, Nixon's racist Southern Strategy, and racist drug war. 1915: Federal narcotic law enforcement began. Drug war cost.
2015. 70th anniversary: Victory over fascism. 35th year: Reagan's cannabis war. See: Republicans killing most cannabis legislation (except low-THC) in states. Support legislation.

Badass of the day, Bree Newsome.

24 Jun 2015: 600 churches call for an end to the drug war. And: Baltimore narcotics cop reveals all the horrible things he saw on the job. And: Bree Newsome removes Confederate flag from South Carolina Capitol. And: Columbia becomes first U.S. university to divest from prisons. [112].

Donald Andrews, Jr., owns a smoke shop in Scotia, New York.

Police chief Leonard Campanello on heroin treatment.jpg
Facebook [128].

2015. 100th year: US federal narcotic law enforcement, and Billie Holiday's birth. 2.
"Imagine if the government chased sick people with diabetes, put a tax on insulin and drove it into the black market, told doctors they couldn’t treat them, ... and then sent them to jail. If we did that, everyone would know we were crazy. Yet we do practically the same thing every day in the week to sick people hooked on drugs." - Billie Holiday, 1956.

The drug war is a religious war against a spiritual plant. That old-time religion, and their crusades.
Obama wearing sunglasses.jpg
Just Say No. Nancy and Ronald Reagan 3.jpg

9 Apr 2015: Jamaica. Obama answers marijuana question. [135]. Visits Bob Marley museum. That rainbow photo!

Compare to Reagan: Ronald Reagan, 1980 [136][137]: "Leading medical researchers are coming to the conclusion that marijuana, pot, grass, whatever you want to call it, is probably the most dangerous drug in the United States, and we haven't begun to find out all of the ill effects, but they are permanent ill effects. The loss of memory for example."
Reaganism: Cannabis war, trickle-down economics, code-word racism, hate radio, mass incarceration.

Beer, booze, cigarettes, and Big Pharma.jpg Aircraft cost.jpg

Senate bill introduced.

And you wonder why Republicans bought into the Drug War, or Iraq War, .... New report says conservative chumps sent $50 million to right-wing ‘scam’ groups like SarahPAC. Related article: Embrace your inner blowhard. Be independent! Think for yourself.

Intergalactic cannabis women.jpg
Obama budgets.gif
Reagonomics. Give rich people money.jpg
Eiffel Tower by the Seine river, Paris, 2 March 2014.jpg

William Randolph Hearst's nemesis, Pancho Villa. See: Race, ethnicity, and drug war.

Facebook: USTired2. Stop Plan Mexico.

Lying about sex, lying about war.jpg USA 2009. Percent of adult males incarcerated by race and ethnicity.png

She's masked, armed, and has a drug scale.jpg

Mitt Romney in July 2012 in New Hampshire 2.jpg

Pew marijuana poll 2014 October.png State and federal prison incarceration rate timeline with highlights.jpg The share of total US wealth over time.gif

Willie Nelson at the White House. 2014 Nov 6

Drug war failure.jpg
War on drugs cannon.jpg

From Christians for Michele Bachmann.

You Pay Taxes So the Rich Dont Have to.jpg

Republican lobbyist at work. VoteMedicalMarijuana.org - poor legislative record of most Republicans.

Minimum wage. Exact rates by state.

Marijuana and Minimum Wage. Why do US Republicans block progress on both?

VoteMedicalMarijuana.org - poor legislative record of most Republicans. Their lobbyists have lots of money. [232] -->>

31 Oct 2014: Record high in the Dow, but median wage remains stagnant. [235]. Republicans block cannabis and minimum wage progress.

1967-2013 mean household income (in 2013 dollars) by quintile and top 5%

Voting for most Republicans keeps boots on the ground longer: In cannabis wars, in Sunni-Shia holy wars, in cultural wars of the Religious Right in the USA. It all distracts from the failure of trickle-down economics [241] of the 1%.

If a bigot like Henry Ford can figure out higher wages (and hemp), maybe so can the do-nothing Republican Congress.

Running an economy is simple. The free market concentrates wealth. So progressive taxation is a necessity. Along with a living minimum wage. If money is constantly recycled, then people have money to spend, and unemployment is low. Also, there is less crime, and less spending for police, courts, and prisons. So more money goes to individuals to keep the economy running.

15 Sep 2014: Astounding Percentage Disapprove Of Republicans In Congress. Some reasons: Republican politicians, private prisons, and some police still want cannabis war. Obama says let states decide. House voted (with only a few Republicans) to let states alone on medical cannabis.

Remember Romney Republicans in 2012? Compare to 2014! Happy days are here again!:
Mitt Romney in July 2012 in New Hampshire.jpg Tommy Chong and Peta Murgatroyd on Dancing with the Stars 2014.jpg US unemployment rate under President Obama.gif
Obama helping turn around the Reagan-Bush War on Cannabis, mandatory minimums, and mass incarceration.

A Crucial Election Season for Legalizing Marijuana and Ending the Drug War - state-by-state info. See also: VoteMedicalMarijuana.org - poor record of most Republicans. Scoring of legislative records of candidates. See: VoteForMarijuana.net - Help fill another database of politicians' records concerning cannabis. [249]. See: Vote Hemp.

Majority Of Employers Say Raise The Minimum Wage. So why do Republicans block it?

U.S. Election, November 4, Tuesday. Absentee and Early Voting. State-by-state info. [257][258]. Turnout matters! State-by-state voter registration deadlines. See: Online registration.[259]. And, Voter Registration by mail. CanIvote.org ~ Are you registered, and where is my polling place.

Obama helping turn around the Reagan-Bush War on Cannabis, mandatory minimums, mass incarceration:

  • U.S. incarceration timeline 4.jpg
  • Correctional population USA.jpg

Florida 2014 marijuana date rape cookie.jpg U.S. cannabis arrests by year.svg

The job creators demand more sacrifice. The drug war is a war on the poor. See infographic.
Job creators demand more sacrifice.gif

Cost of U.S. drug war.

Iraq and Afghan wars.

US funding for Israel

Iceland. How to beat the 1%.jpg Denmark $21 an hour, Big Mac.jpg

Argentinas only polar bear called worlds saddest.jpg

Correctional Populations in the United States. By Bureau of Justice Statistics. See info.

US prison industry. New form of slavery.jpg

Astronomical U.S. incarceration rate (due to the Republican-led drug war) helps keep poor in line. See infographic.

Their multi-trillion dollar wars: Iraq War and Drug War. Republicans won't pay. [1].

20 Nov 2013: Oliver Stone: JFK conspiracy deniers are in denial. USA Today. You decide. The U.S. police state has expanded greatly in the last 50 years since JFK's killing. From the article:


Oliver Stone (emphasis added):
"The Assassination Records Review Board (1994-1998) found that over 40 witnesses in two locations saw a large avulsive (i.e. penetrating outward) wound in the rear of JFK's skull. This includes highly qualified medical personnel at hospitals in Dallas and Bethesda, as well as FBI agents James Sibert and Frank O'Neill, who were at the autopsy in 1963 and restated it to the board. This wound again indicates an exit wound from a shot to the front. Conclusion: The president was shot from at least two sides, front and back — not one location."

Support Canadian healthcare and Portuguese harm reduction!

Sept 2013: Russia: Pussy Riot. Nadezhda Tolokonnikova's hunger strike.

Russia. Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (of Pussy Riot) hunger strike.

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot.

Pussy Riot prisoner's hunger strike (Sept. 2013. hypothermia [351] [352]. Denied drinking water [353]. Hospitalized [354][355][356]). Like the USA Russia has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world. [357], and some of the most brutal prisons. Russian cannabis activists can not promote legalization with marijuana marches. Many have been arrested trying to do so. See Moscow, Russia info. Putin's Paradise, like the American Dream, is just another drug-war police state. See Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Pussy Riot. See video below (from this CNN article):


CNN Int coverage of Nadezhda Tolokonnikova hunger strike. Oct 03, 2013