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Chart below is from a Washington Post article on Dec. 29, 2017:
"The U.S. has one of the stingiest minimum wage policies of any wealthy nation."

Related charts.

28 Dec 2017: Kansas. Facing 30 years in prison, and custody loss, for treating her Crohn’s disease with cannabis, Shona Banda’s two-year court case ends with plea agreement of mail-in probation in Washington state.

Shona Banda.

20 Dec 2017. Final passage of: Wikipedia: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Info below:

2017 Republican tax bill. Yellow is for an average increase in cost each year for people in those groups. Up to incomes of $75,000. Repeal of individual mandate hurts more and more people each year by increasing healthcare costs for many people. See explanation.

Related charts.

24 Dec 2017: Watch this Canadian politician explain the difference between health care in Canada and in America.

Politifact says it is "mostly true". [1][2]

Time For Single-Payer Healthcare.

19 Dec 2017: Norway to decriminalize all drugs, likely following Portugal's model. [37][38]. And: Trump approval rating hits new low (35%) in CNN poll. 32% in Associated Press–NORC poll. Lowest in history for a first-year President. Dec. 19, 2017 article.

Chart below from: A Tax Plan to Turbocharge Inequality, in 3 Charts. Dec. 17, 2017. New York Times.

Related charts.

18 Dec 2017: Marc and Jodie Emery plead guilty, fined nearly $400,000 in Cannabis Culture court case [39]. And: California Enlists Cheech Marin To Help Register Pot Businesses.

15 Dec 2018: World Health Organization (WHO): Pot's CBD Has Health Benefits. [40][41][42]. And: British man faces two years in Dubai jail after testing positive for cannabis. [43]. And: Bermuda. House of Assembly: cannabis decriminalisation passes. To Senate next. And: Jeff Sessions Is Being Sued By 12-Year-Old Girl (Alexis Bortell) Over Department of Justice Medical Marijuana Policy. “It’s a lot better than brain surgery.” Alexis Bortell wins "Most Influential Individual 2017!" - Video. [44][45].

7 Dec 2017: Obamacare sign-ups defy Trump’s sabotage campaign, but “the window is closing” Dec. 15. Many plans are free. Some states have later deadlines. [46]. And: Marijuana in Indiana: Battle lines drawn for 2018 legislative session. Veterans versus prosecutors. And: 30% of Vietnam vets have had PTSD in their lifetime.
Paraguay About to Legalize Medicinal Marijuana. And: Jeff Sessions spars with DOJ interns over marijuana, police violence in newly leaked video. [47]. And: Canada. Conservative Alberta representative says pot legalization could lead to communist revolution.

"$5.6 trillion" for endless Mideast wars that started with Bush and CIA WMD lies about Iraq. [48][49]. Interstate Highway System cost $526 billion in 2016 dollars. And: Landing a human on the moon cost $221 billion. And: Marijuana may hold promise in treating veterans with PTSD. [50].

Trillion-dollar Cost of Republican-led U.S. drug war. And: Its racist application. [51][52].

"After a 40 year trillion dollar war against a plant, The Plant Is Winning". Trenton, New Jersey.

Republican tax bill hurts the poor more than originally thought, Congressional Budget Office finds. "By 2019, Americans earning less than $30,000 a year would be worse off under the Senate bill, CBO found. By 2021, Americans earning $40,000 or less would be net losers, and by 2027, most people earning less than $75,000 a year would be worse off. On the flip side, millionaires and those earning $100,000 to $500,000 would be big beneficiaries".
2 polls: Only 29% of Americans approve of Republican tax plan. 2.

2018 Global Marijuana March and 4/20 events.

27 Nov 2017: Canada. Federal marijuana legislation clears House of Commons, headed for the Senate. [53]. And: Africa. Good News: Congo Is Ditching Conflict Metals For Cannabis. And: Will Attorney General Jeff Sessions end medical marijuana for all US states in December 2017? And: 10,000 people died waiting for a disability decision in the past year. Will he be next?

Evolving Republican tax plan. By 2027, Americans earning $75,000 a year and below would, as a group, see their taxes increase. New York Times. [54].

16 Nov 2017: Canada. How the provinces are planning for pot legalization by July 2018. And: As Canada prepares for legal pot, ex-cops get into the business. [55]. And: Video. USA. 3 months behind bars for sexual assault/rape, versus 21 years behind bars for marijuana. [56]. And: Robert Reich: The Poor Are Being Barred From Voting. And That’s Unconstitutional. And: CBD cannabis oil use in the UK doubles in a YEAR.

15 Nov 2017: Veterans Being Denied Medical Cannabis Are Crushed By Pills, PTSD, And Suicide. Rescheduling cannabis at the federal level to allow medical use is blocked by Republicans. And: “It’s Time:” Effort to Legalize Recreational Marijuana in North Dakota Underway. And: Maryland Man Gets 20 Years for 6 Grams of Marijuana. And: Wisconsin Legislature Unanimously Approves Industrial Hemp Bill. And: Video. This is how fast Cannabis can stop a seizure!!
Bernie Sanders CHART. Households making over $1 million will get almost 40% of the benefits from the Republican tax plan, while households making under $50,000 will get less than 1% of the benefits. And: The middle class will actually end up paying even more in taxes.

2012, the year the Republicans lost the trillion-dollar Cannabis War. They don't know it yet, so be sure they get the message in the 2018 midterm elections. Facebook comments.

9 Nov 2017: Marijuana Won Big in the November 2017 U.S. Elections. [57]. And: Maine voters expand Medicaid to 70,000 low-income people under Obamacare. [58]. And: Indiana prosecutors pushing against medical marijuana. And: Breaking News: Jeff Sessions to Stand Trial in Cannabis De-Scheduling. [59][60]. And: Viral video on racial profiling. And: Cannabis smokers shouldn’t go to jail. New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. And: Pro-Marijuana Legalization Democrat Phil Murphy Wins New Jersey Governor Race. [61]. And: 7 reasons why the future has arrived in the Netherlands.
Maine's Republican governor vetoes voter-approved bill to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana. [62]

In 2014: 8 of the 10 most gerrymandered districts in the USA were drawn by Republicans.

30 Oct 2017: German Parties Consider Sale Of Recreational Marijuana In Pharmacies Or Dispensaries. [63]. And: Marchers in Kiev, Ukraine call for legalization of cannabis (PHOTOS).
Trump’s Obamacare sabotage accidentally resulted in more free health plans. Open enrollment is Nov. 1 to Dec. 15, 2017. And: Smoking Marijuana Causes ‘Complete Remission’ of Crohn’s Disease for some, No Side Effects, New Study Shows. And: Using cannabis in place of anxiety meds.


Kelsey Pierce stopped by OKCPD Officer J. Herlihy, 10-19-17

26 Oct 2017: Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana in Record-High Numbers: October 2017 Poll. 2. And: Oklahoma City police officer handcuffs woman for riding a bike and handing him her ID. [64]. "throwing stuff at me. You handed the ID card to me like you wanted to use it as a weapon and throw it at me.” Body cam shows otherwise. Audio starts at 30 seconds in.
80% of Republican tax cuts would go to the top 1%. See chart in Bernie Sanders Facebook post. And: Will Illinois legalize recreational marijuana? Most Democrat candidates for governor support it. And: Legalize marijuana in New Jersey? Your choice for governor on Nov. 7, 2017 will determine that. (Democrat versus Republican. [65].

18 Oct 2017: Pro-Legalization Congressman To Target Anti-Cannabis Lawmakers. [66].

Cannabis is Safer.

20 Oct 2017: Peru legalises medical marijuana in move spurred by mother's home lab. 2. And: Canada. Airport security stops calling police on passengers carrying prescription pot. And: Legal marijuana is saving lives in Colorado, study finds. Opioid-related deaths fell 6.5% after recreational marijuana legalized. [67]. And: Former Mexican President Imagines Future Where Legal Weed Is an Internationally Traded Cash Crop.

11 Oct 2017: The Trump tax plan would make the rich richer. An Open Letter to Apple CEO Mr. Tim Cook from 131 organizations to immediately remove numerous apps that are promoting war on drugs in the Philippines that has killed 13,000 people. [68]. And: Now you can add a marijuana degree to your higher education. [69] .And: 29 states have legal pot. Jeff Sessions wants to stamp it out, and he's closer than you think. [70]. And: Police brutality. Cop who forcibly arrested nurse for refusing to draw blood is fired. Previously disciplined for sexual harassment. And: 8 things Trump's done to hurt women and girls since taking office. [71][72][73].

10 Oct 2017: London, UK: MPs join medical marijuana protest outside Parliament. And: Canadian Doctors Explain Universal Health Care. A video. [74][75]. And: Dr. Oz Says Medical Marijuana Could Help Solve Opioid Addiction. [76][77][78][79][80][81].
NRA history of mandatory minimum sentencing and drug war. Atlanta, Georgia decriminalizes marijuana. [82]. And Youtube: Tom Petty music video - You Don't Know How It Feels. "let's roll another joint." [83][84]. And: 80 Years Ago This Week, Federal Marijuana Prohibition Began With These Arrests. And: Federal Court Ruling a Huge Victory for Cannabis Business Owners. And: Costly medical marijuana pushes patients to street sales. And: Portugal treats addiction as a disease, not a crime.

Drugs involved in U.S. overdose deaths, 2000 to 2016. Compare to peak HIV-AIDS deaths: [3][4].

Two Chicago cops take a knee.

28 Sep 2017: Why the decriminalisation of marijuana is a civil rights cause. Al Sharpton. [85]. And: Harris County, Texas DA Stops Prosecuting Drug Cases Involving Minuscule Amounts. And: Chicago cops to be punished for ‘taking a knee’ in protest against police brutality. And: America’s opioid problem is so bad it’s cutting into U.S. life expectancy. And: Big Pharma Losing Grip as Study Shows Nearly 100% of Cannabis Users Give Up Rx Pain Meds. And: Iceland Gets Cooler with Proposal to Legalize Cannabis. [86].

21 Sep 2017: Lesotho. This Tiny Nation Just Became Africa’s Medical Cannabis Leader. [87]. And: 41 States To Investigate Pharmaceutical Companies Over Opioids. And: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte orders police to kill eldest son if 'rumours' are true. And: Pennsylvania Democratic Party Adopts Marijuana Legalization Into Policy Platform. And: New Study Finds Legal Cannabis Equals Fewer Pharmaceuticals. And: “I’m not a criminal:” Indiana man criminally charged for possessing CBD oil. And: Federal drug agency asks Rhode Island for medical marijuana patient data. And: British Columbia may not follow Ontario’s pot distribution system: Premier Horgan.

Why Are Opioid Painkillers Legal But Marijuana Isn't? And: Federal government knew cannabis cured epilepsy over 60 years ago and still made it a Schedule 1 drug. And: Sheriffs Say Marijuana Legalization Should Be Overturned Because It Makes Them Uncomfortable. Colorado.

Bernie Sanders on marijuana and Wall Street.jpg

The dam is breaking on Democrats’ embrace of single-payer.

Bernie Sanders Is the Most Popular Politician in America, Poll Says. See Bernie on Colbert's Show [88]. And: LA Times editorial board: Trump and Sessions are ignoring voters' overwhelming support for medical marijuana. Will Congress listen? [89]. See: Temporary reprieve. [90]. And: Hooked, hoodwinked: Some drug rehabs aim for relapse and money.

1 Sep 2017: ‘Return my bong’: Ontario man protests in underwear outside courthouses, police stations. And: Oral, saliva, and urine measurement of THC intoxication level is not feasible, study concludes.
Green gold: how China quietly grew into a cannabis superpower. Half of world's hemp cultivation.

Anti-Drug Philippine President Duterte’s Son Accused in $125-Million Drug Shipment. [91]. And: Philippines. Duterte faces nationwide revolt over drugs war after killing of schoolboy sparks outrage. And: Philippines’ Catholic Church sounds alarm amid Duterte’s deadly anti-drug crackdown. [92]

18 Aug 2017: India issues its first-ever license to grow medicinal cannabis for research purposes. 2nd Most Populated Country. And: Utah Launches Medical Cannabis Signature Drive for November 2018 ballot issue. And: Federal judge blocks prosecution of Northern California pot growers. Jeff Sessions opposes restrictions. And: Federal Judge Rules Medical Marijuana Patient Can Sue For Being Denied Job Over Failed Drug Test. And: Justice Department (Jeff Sessions) Shuts Down Marijuana Research At DEA.

Dear America, universal health care is what real freedom looks like. USA Today. And: IT COSTS LESS. [93][94]. And: In Portugal, Drug Use Is Treated As A Medical Issue, Not A Crime. NPR. CBC. [95][96][97][98][99]. And: In Portugal 90% of drug control money is spent on health care, just 10% on police enforcement.


Matrix woman in red dress 720p full

"They can move in and out of any software still hardwired to their system. That means that anyone we haven't unplugged is potentially an agent. Inside the matrix, they are everyone and they are no one." -Morpheus in The Matrix. [100].

See Matrix video.

13 Aug 2017:Lexington, Kentucky mayor announces all Confederate statues are coming down because of Charlottesville. And: Philippines newspaper. "Marijuana as Medicine" on front page. And: Heather Heyer, the woman killed in Virginia was destined to be face of change, mom says. [101]. And: Indiana lawmaker pushes for medical marijuana to curb opioid epidemic. His fellow Republicans are the ones likely to block him. Here are the Confederate memorials that will be removed after Charlottesville. [102][103][104][105][106][107].

Related charts. Bernie Sanders post. [5][6].

List of countries by total health expenditure per capita.

2 Aug 2017: How Canada became an education superpower. Far ahead of the USA.

Poll. Voters support single payer Medicare-for-all 51 - 38 percent. As do doctors. And: List of countries by total health expenditure per capita. Click any year to sort highest to lowest cost per person. See: Australian single payer.

Here's what happened when a Republican senator challenged a Canadian doctor on their single-payer health care system. Bernie Sanders videos. Canadian MSNBC anchor versus Republican congressman.

Since decriminalizing all drugs in 2001, Portugal's overdose rate has decreased by ~75% and now has one of the lowest overdose rates in all of Europe. [108][109][110]. Overdose death rates by country. Chart below. [111][112].

Drug induced deaths per million population, ages 15-64. By country.jpg

27 Jul 2017: Harvard Study: Big Pharma, US Goverment Behind Opioid Epidemic. &: UK drug deaths. [113]

Senator Cory Booker Debuts ‘Marijuana Justice Act’ to Legalize Cannabis, & support racial justice. [114][115].

Her mom said "Why don't you just smoke some weed?"

Massachusetts governor signs bill to allow recreational pot. [116]. Marijuana should be legalised in India for medical purposes: Maneka Gandhi And: Trump Said Sacks Of Drugs Are Falling On Peoples’ Heads. A Congressman’s Response Is Perfect. And: Landmark Study Shows Legal Marijuana Sales Reduce Crime. And: Why Are So Many People Dying from Opiate Overdoses? It's Our Broken Society. Absurdly low minimum wage too..
USA. National Public Radio parrots minimum wage lies. [117]. And: $750,000 settlement after woman dies after going through heroin withdrawal in Mason County, Kentucky jail. And: Washington state distracted driving law starts July 23. And: Medicaid enrollees largely satisfied with the health care they receive. [118]. And: Marijuana was the secret to ending this woman's addiction to heroin. Video. [119]. And: Philip Morris: Tobacco giant ordered to compensate Australia. And: Trump-supporting sheriff in Butler County, Ohio (heart of opioid epidemic): My deputies won't use Narcan. [120].

17 Jul 2017: Jeff Sessions: Anti-Weed Crusader Received Big Money From Big Tobacco. And: American Media Silent After UN Just Called for Decriminalizing Drug Use Worldwide.
Greece legalises marijuana for medical purposes. That makes 6 EU countries. [121].

June 22, 2017. Healthcare protest at office of Senator Mitch McConnell.

Big Pharma CEO pay. [7].

Cigarette box warnings in Australia. Tobacco causes one in ten deaths globally. [8]

3 July 2017: District of Cannabis. It’s summer, and Washington DC smells like weed. Everywhere, all the time. And: Missouri Republicans Lower St. Louis Minimum Wage From $10 To $7.70. And: Lobbyists Have Pushed for a Big Pharma Monopoly on CBD. And: United Nations and World Health Organisation call for drugs to be decriminalised.

20 million more uninsured = 20,000+ more deaths yearly. [122]. And: Politifact: Bernie Sanders' projection of 'thousands' of deaths from lost health coverage is well-supported. June 27, 2017. See article sidebar for many sources. [123][124][125][126][127][128]. And: Politifact: Paul Ryan wrong that most of the 22 million uninsured would be uninsured by choice. [129]. And: 17 Charts and Figures that show the US is not as developed as you’d think. America is not great. [130]. And: 93% of Patients Prefer Cannabis Over Opioids For Managing Pain, According to New Study. And: Medicaid Could Have Saved $1 Billion If Medical Marijuana Was Legalized nationwide. And: How Big Tobacco-style marketing propels U.S. opioid crisis — and powers $400 billion pharma industry. [131][132][133][134].
Nevada becomes 5th state to legalise marijuana for recreational use. [135]. And: Catalonia region of Spain legalises marijuana consumption, cultivation, and distribution. And: 43 arrested. Blood on the floor. Protester: Mitch McConnell Thinks Disabled Americans Are ‘Better Off Dead’. [136][137]. And: Bernie Sanders Slams ‘Moral Outrage’ Of Trumpcare At Pittsburgh Rally. $500 billion in tax breaks to the top two percent. [138]. And: Marijuana legalization doesn't lead to more fatal car crashes. American Journal of Public Health. And: The GOP Health Care Bill Will Doom Millions Of People Struggling With Addiction. And: Healthcare groups issue scathing criticism of Senate bill. Trumpcare 4.0. [139]. And: Do We Really Need A Middleman (private insurers) In Our Broken Health Care System? [140][141]. And: Officer who shot Philando Castile said smell of marijuana made him fear for his life. And: Brockton, Massachusetts. Firefighters agree to a drug test policy that excludes pot. And: Oklahoma voters will decide fate of medical marijuana. And: Mexico Legalizes Medical Marijuana. And: How Swiss Marijuana Reform Will Lead To Full Legalization In Europe.

22 May 2017: Artist Projects Image Of Jeff Sessions In KKK Hood Across Department Of Justice. And: Senate introduces bill to end federal medical marijuana prohibition. [142][143]. And: Sessions asks Congress to let him prosecute medical pot shops, patients. [144]. And: Science Calls Out Jeff Sessions on Medical Marijuana and the "Historic Drug Epidemic" - Scientific American. [145]. And: This Arab country is among list of places that smoke most hash. And: Coffee, Cocoa, Cannabis: New Push to Legalize Marijuana Launched in Switzerland. And: Holy Smoke: Israel Begins Decriminalizing Cannabis. [146][147]. And: France Just Ended Prison Terms For Marijuana Use. [148][149][150][151]. And: Uruguay, the first country where you can smoke marijuana wherever you like. And: "I Was Wrong": Former Judge Treated With Cannabis Oil Regrets Having Sent People to Jail for It. And: Duterte tells troops they can RAPE women in 'joke' as he rallies soldiers battling foreign fighters in ISIS 'invasion' of besieged Philippines city. [152][153][154]
Democratic Party, following Bernie Sanders lead, proposes bill to raise minimum wage to $15 by 2024. Republicans oppose raising federal minimum wage. [155] [156].
Trumpcare 3.0 Would Leave 23 Million More Uninsured, Budget Office Says. [157]. And: Vermont's Republican Governor Scott Vetoes Marijuana Legalization bill of Democrat legislature. And: Democrats pick up two GOP-held legislative seats, the first flips of the Trump era. And: Trump Called Rodrigo Duterte to Congratulate Him on His Murderous Drug War: “You Are Doing an Amazing Job”. [158][159]. And: California. Single-Payer Would Cost A Third of Current Health Care Costs Per Family.
Conservative morons worldwide: British Prime Minister Just Claimed Cannabis Leads To Heroin And Suicide. And: American Legion to Trump: Allow marijuana research for vets. [160]. And: Marijuana convictions go up in smoke with California legalization. And: Cannabis may help wean people off crack, study finds. And: Trump thinks health insurance costs $15 a month. And: Doctors hate Trumpcare. And: Prison healthcare, deaths. And: At heated North Dakota town hall watch a man stuff money into shirt Of GOP Congressman Who Voted To Repeal Obamacare. [161][162].
Jeff Sessions once wanted to execute pot dealers. And: Georgia Cop Decides A Sober Woman Is High On Marijuana, Jails Her. And: Criminal Charges For Georgia Police Officers punching and kicking handcuffed marijuana user in head. [163][164][165]. And: Jeff Sessions Rolls Back Obama-Era Drug Sentencing Reforms. Harsher punishments for low-level drug crimes. [166][167][168][169][170][171][172][173][174]. And: 'The Drug Whisperer': Drivers arrested while stone cold sober by dumbass Georgia cops.
17 May 2017: Willie Nelson to Jeff Sessions: Smoke Some Pot.

Sao Paulo, Brazil. May 6, 2017.

Gigantic rally in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Global Marijuana March. May 6, 2017. Videos [175][176] Event. And: Cape Town, South Africa. Videos [177][178] Event. And: Huge joint rolls through New York City. [179][180].

Patrick Stewart

Democrat Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii.

Life expectancy versus health expenditure. [9].

2017 Global Marijuana March. [181]. And: Cannabis Festivals 2017-2018 | Man, I'm hungry. | Everfest. And: World Naked Gardening Day is May 6th. Your marijuana garden needs love too Face-smile.svg.

Poll: Bernie Sanders is most popular U.S. politician [182]. And: Bernie Sanders And Democrats Introduce A New $15 Minimum Wage Bill. And: When Trump was an independent, like Bernie Sanders, and more logical, Trump supported Single-Payer.

16 Mar 2016: Patrick Stewart Reveals He Uses Marijuana Daily To Help With Arthritis Symptoms. And: Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Calls For Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition.
Much better healthcare in Canada, Britain, France. I had a health crisis in France. I’m here to tell you that ‘socialized medicine’ is terrific. [183][184][185][186][187]. And: Medical marijuana could save Medicaid $1 billion in prescription drug costs. [188][189]. And: West Virginia becomes 29th state to legalize medical marijuana. [190][191]. And: Republican Governor, Terry Branstad, rolls back local minimum wage increases in Iowa.

21 April 2017: The 'unimaginable' premium hikes of Trumpcare 2.0 for people with pre-existing conditions. And: Republicans To Vote To Take Away Health Care For Those Tens of Millions. [192][193][194]. And: Poll: Trump, Democrats and Republicans all unpopular.

More Than Half of American Adults Have Tried Pot. [195]. Among current users: 14% Republicans, 43% Democrats, 42% independents. And: USA. Marijuana legalization support at all-time high. [196]. And: Smoke pot in Oregon? Your name now protected from feds. And: New Mexico's Republican governor vetoes a bill that would have allowed medical marijuana for opioid addiction. And: She also vetoed the 911 Good Samaritan Overdose Prevention Bill. And: Idaho's Republican governor vetoes a broadly-supported asset forfeiture reform bill.

25 Mar 2017: Bernie Sanders To Introduce Single-Payer Health Care Bill In Senate. And: For The First Time Ever, The Federal Government Is Referring To Marijuana As Medicine. And: Bernie Sanders: Americans pay highest prices for pharmaceutical drugs in the world. And: Canada has universal health care, and higher minimum wage than USA. And: The disease killing white Americans goes way deeper than opioids. [197][198][199]. And: Trump's Health Care Plan Could Exacerbate Opioid Epidemic, But Medical Marijuana Could Help. [200][201]. And: Former premiers and Australian police chiefs call for drug decriminalisation. [202]. And: NPR: Former Drug Czar Says GOP Health Bill Would Cut Access To Addiction Treatment.

13 Mar 2017: 17,000 more people annually could die in 2018 if Trumpcare becomes law. 14 million more people uninsured in 2018. 24 million in 2026. 29,000 more dead annually in 2026. Single-Payer for California. Great healthcare for half the cost of Trumpcare. And: Canada: Show health card, get free care. and The $0 Alternative To Trumpcare. See chart below. USA versus top ten healthiest nations. Vancouver's top doctor to Trudeau: Decriminalize all illicit drugs, now. Using Portugal's model. [203][204]. End drug war with universal healthcare. List of countries with universal health care.

USA versus top ten healthiest countries 3.jpg

 Wikipedia country lists: Life expectancy.
 And: Total health expenditure per capita.
 Those numbers will change over time.

25 Feb 2017: Quinnipiac poll: 71% oppose enforcing federal marijuana laws in states where the drug is legal. And: Canada. Human rights board orders insurer to pay medical marijuana costs in precedent-setting case [205].

Bernie Sanders wins CNN healthcare debate with Ted Cruz.

Source. Bernie Sanders.

No deductibles on basic Canadian health care. Co-pays are extremely low or non-existent. And: Canada passes US in middle-class wealth. Median after-tax middle-class income in Canada is higher. [206]. One reason why: Canadians pay so much less for far better healthcare.

Single-Payer Healthcare. [207]. Higher life expectancy at half the cost. And: Save $1.6 trillion out of $3.2 trillion spent on US healthcare in 2015. How?: Canadian single-payer healthcare, and Portuguese drug decriminalization and treatment. And: Save more via less incarceration. And: Prescriptions are free in Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland. Vs. USA. [208]. And: No personal medical debt in single-payer countries. And: Canada has higher minimum wage.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act will kill more than 43,000 people annually, and 30 million will lose their healthcare coverage. Physicians for a National Health Program. And: A Trump Fan Cheering Obamacare Repeal Just Found Out He’s On Obamacare. Hilarity Ensues. And: 15 charts that show how Obamacare works now — and how Republican would overhaul it.

2 May 2017: Uruguayans sign up for state cannabis in world first. And: Man wins historic medical marijuana trial. 46 plants. And: Congress Gives Jeff Sessions $0 To Go After Medical Marijuana Laws. [209][210]. And: Montel Williams reveals how smoking marijuana every day for 17 years changed his life. And: Bipartisan Senate Bill Introduced To Rein In Trump Support For Philippines Drug War.
Trump invites drug-war mass murderer President Duterte (Philippines) to the White House. [211][212][213][214][215][216]. And: Duterte slammed over discovery of abused prisoners in secret cell in Manila.

From CNN article.

Philippines' President Duterte’s ‘kill drug addicts’ job ‘plan’ is bizarre.[217]. And: 'Mass murder' complaint filed against him at International Criminal Court.
Philippines Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana in Middle of Brutal Drug War that has killed 7000. And: European Union Parliament to vote on call for probe into Duterte's drug war. [218][219]. And: Philippine VP Robredo: She says bullets can't stop illegal drug use. [220].
'Democracy Demands Dissent': Philippine Vice President Condemns Duterte's Drug War in Q&A With TIME. [221].

Denver's International Church of Cannabis.

Weed Nuns. [10]

Marijuana on Religious Grounds? A Cannabis Church Opens in Denver. [222][223]. And: Denver-based International Church of Cannabis is now offering weed weddings. The 'Elevated Wedding'. And: California's 'weed nuns' on a mission to heal with cannabis. And: Weed Nuns. And: 4/20 celebration leads to 7 arrests by US Capitol Police. [224][225][226]. And: 4/20 event lists. And: Canadian Veteran Walks 750 Miles Through Snowstorms To Protest Cuts To Medical Marijuana Treatments. And: USA. 2.3 million uninsured veterans. Universal healthcare would cover everybody. And: 10 best 4/20 sites: Where marijuana history was made. And: Weed around the world: what legal marijuana looks like in other countries. And: Uruguay in July will become the first modern nation to fully legalize the production, sale and consumption of cannabis.

20 Apr 2017: Rachael Leigh Cook of "your brain on drugs" turns around and exposes the drug war with new video. And: Mexican Congress approves use of medical marijuana. Goes to President to be signed into law. [227]. And: The booming business of cannabis in Spain. Article and video. [228]. And: Republican Roger Goodell Thinks Marijuana Is ‘Addictive’ And Bad For NFL Players. He’s Wrong. [229][230]. And: Epilepsy takes life of a young cannabis advocate.

Trump and Trudeau.
Canada is great.

Canada is poised to approve a law legalizing marijuana nationwide. [231][232][233][234]. And: French election: 4 of the 5 main presidential candidates support cannabis reform. Far-right Marine LePen opposes.

David Peel, Downtown Singer and Marijuana Evangelist, Dies at 74. New York Times. And: Kansas City, Missouri. Voters Approve $25 Fine In Easing Of Marijuana Law.[235][236]. And: Argentina Approves Medical Use of CBD Cannabis Oil. [237][238]Video.

South African court legalizes possession, cultivation, use of marijuana at home. Constitutional Court likely to confirm it. [239][240][241][242][243]. And: For the First Time Ever, UFC Fighters Allowed to Smoke Pot Before Fights.

Inmate in for cocaine. His 2-hour ‘Boiling’ Death Ruled An Accident. Documents Show They Omitted Key Details. [244][245][246][247]. And: Philly420: The most arrested drug in Camden, N.J. is ... And: Pennsylvania. Auditor General: If it were legalized, taxing marijuana could yield $200 million annually for state. And: CTV News Channel: 'Quite traumatized': Jodie Emery. After her arrest in Canada [248]. And: Infamous "F*ck it, I Quit" Reporter (while in Alaska) Launches Her Online Weed Show in Los Angeles.

Top 10% of earners receive 50% of all income.
Top 10% of US population receive 50% of all income.png

Middle class decline. See Wikipedia. Just 8 men own same wealth as half the world. See: Drug war, control, and Republican-led income inequality. Wikipedia: Trickle-down economics.

USA near bottom. [11][12][13]. Just 8 men own same wealth as half the world.

6 Mar 2017: Israel decriminalizes. [249]. Houston decriminalizes. And: Severely Epileptic Child Granted Cannabis Oil in Ireland, Setting Precedent: Almost Homeless in LA. And: Medical marijuana given green light in South Africa: report. And: First Marijuana Testing for Vets with PTSD Underway in Phoenix; Volunteers Wanted. And: New Study: Cigarettes Tied To Increased Stroke Risk But Not Marijuana.

Canada grows closer to legalizing pot. [250].

Republican America? The US federal minimum wage hit its peak purchasing power nearly 50 years ago. And: Feds refuse to stop taxing the canceled student debt of severely disabled people.
Percentage of Young Americans Living With Parents Rises to 75-Year High. And: The Student Debt Crisis Is Driving Elderly People Into Poverty. And: Republican governor Kasich quietly bans Cleveland voters from raising minimum wage in their city. And: Working full time at state minimum wage is not enough for a one-bedroom apartment in any state. Click states

25 Dec 2016: For the first time more Australians support legalizing pot than oppose. And: DEA Slapped in Face: American Epilepsy Society Accepts Marijuana Extract Obliterates Seizures in Epileptic Children. And: Big Pharma Shaking in Their Boots as 80% of Cannabis Users Give Up Prescription Pills for Pot. And: Branford, Connecticut. America’s oldest hospice to study medical marijuana.

Search of Saturday Night Live's Youtube channel for Alec Baldwin's Trump skits.

Ducklings in pink pussyhats

Women keep marching on: Marijuana and gender equity: Cannabis industry is a magnet for women executives. And: 'America Is Full Of Hypocrites': Marijuana Lifer John Knock Speaks Out. And: Hemp Industries Association Sues DEA Over Illegal Attempt to Regulate Hemp Foods as Schedule I Drugs. And: Will Trump Crush the Modest Progress in Fighting Mass Incarceration? Momentum at state level. [251][252][253].

6 Jan 2017: New UN chief António Guterres was Prime Minister of Portugal when it decriminalized drugs [254][255][256]. And: Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin (Democrat) Pardons 192 for Marijuana Convictions. And: On average, states with medical marijuana laws see dips in fatal car crashes.

Drug wars, mass incarceration, and ground wars of patriarchal Republican Christian fundamentalism, Islamic jihadi fundamentalism, Jewish settler fundamentalism, Iranian nuclear fundamentalism, and North Korean communist fundamentalism. More incompetent Republican "Axis of Evil" wars of control and distraction? As the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Trump World: Just 8 men own same wealth as half the world.

1 Feb 2017: Marijuana, made in Italy: Inside the military police cannabis lab. And: Israel moves to decriminalize marijuana use [257]. And: Germany expands medical cannabis legalization. Insurance will pay for it. [258][259][260][261][262]. And: People in the US and Canada spent over $53 billion on marijuana in 2016. And: Mass incarceration doesn't do much to fight crime. But it costs an absurd $182 billion a year. And: Imagine That! Police Solve Far More Murders After they Stop Arresting Cannabis Users.

Trump’s death panel: He already violated health care promises by appointing Tom Price.

6 Jan 2017: First Marijuana Bill Already Introduced In New US Congress. And: Georgia (country). Constitutional Court decides prison is too harsh punishment for marijuana use. [263]. And: Mexico Begins Importing Medical Marijuana As Views on Therapeutic Cannabis Evolve. And: The Taboo of Marijuana in Mexico May Be Fading Away.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is a Drug War Dinosaur. [264]. And: More than 1,100 law school professors nationwide oppose Sessions’s nomination as attorney general. And: MSNBC Guest: Upcoming Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is a ‘KKK Sympathizer’. And: Sessions: KKK "was O.K. until I found out they smoked pot." [265]. And: Sessions Racism Accusations: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know. [266]. See: Race, ethnicity, and drug war. And: US News & World Report. Activists Roll Joint, Offer Free Pot at Jeff Sessions Office as Threats Swirl to Legalization Framework. [267]. Viral video.

Professor says Obama Trump could grant blanket “amnesty to all first time nonviolent drug offenders in prison who have good records and would not even be in prison now if they were convicted under current law.” [268] Federal prisoners only.

19 Dec 2016: Idaho teen football player walks free after sodomizing black disabled teammate with wire hanger. And: The Racial Achievement Gap is Directly Tied to Mass Incarceration of Black Parents According to New Study. Drug laws in particular. See: Alternatives to Republican-led mass incarceration.

Massachusetts legalizes on Dec. 15, 2016. What you can and can't do. And: Toddler back home after becoming first legal medical cannabis user in Ireland. And: Mexico’s Senate Passes Medical Cannabis Bill in Landslide Vote.

21 Dec 2016: The Growing Movement for Marijuana Amnesty.
21 Dec 2016: James Taylor cancels Philippines concert over Rodrigo Duterte's drug war killings.
2016-18 ballot issues. Register to vote. Facebook GMM.2. Congressional Scorecard. And: Presidents alone can not reschedule marijuana. And: Obama commuted sentences of 153 people, and handed out 78 pardons.

Trump - Duterte

Philippines: Trump's pal Duterte Threatens to Burn Down UN Building, Calls 3 Out of 5 Americans 'Idiots'. [269][270]. Duterte confirms he personally killed three men. [271]

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte admits to killing people and abusing drugs. [272].

Philippines. ‘They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals’. New York Times. And: Philippines president Duterte: Trump Endorsed Deadly War on Drugs as ‘The Right Way’. And in the USA: He got life without parole for pot. And he was just denied clemency. [273]. See: Life for Pot.

U.S. health-care spending grew 5.8 percent in 2015. Costs $9,990 per person. And: Canadian single payer healthcare is one half of U.S. cost per person. 2. 3. And: No medical debt in countries with single-payer. And: Millions of Americans find drug savings in Canada. And: US life expectancy declines for first time in 20 years. BBC. Dec. 8, 2016. Many still uninsured. And: Cannabis is safer and cheaper.

Jonathan Swift

Will Republicans start another 'law-and-order' mass incarceration binge?

22 Dec 2016: Clinton beat Trump by Over 2.8 Million Votes. 48.2% to 46.1%.. Final tabulation. And: Democrats gained seats in House and Senate. And: Trump whines. And: Politifact: 70% of Trump's statements are false or mostly false. And: Electoral College To Screw Democrats For 2nd Time In 16 Years. And: Chuck Schumer Is All In On Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Party.
Presidents (and governors) have too much power. Johnson: Vietnam War, Warren Commission. Nixon: War on Drugs. Reagan: Mandatory minimum sentencing and mass incarceration. -- Video. Bush 1: More mass incarceration.

Denver 420 rally

Republican governors trying to block marijuana laws passed by voters. In contrast: California green wave: Legalized marijuana setting thousands of defendants free.

The Official Denver 420 Rally 2017 [274].

Quezon City, Philippines. Nov 13, 2016. Medical cannabis march.

13 Nov 2016: Quezon City, Philippines. Nov. 13, 2016 march for medical cannabis [275]. And: Insurers are beginning to cover medical cannabis. And: United Kingdom Could Be Forced to Consider Marijuana Legalization [276]. And: Alec Baldwin Responds to Donald Trump's 'SNL' Criticism. And: Donald Trump Prepares. Hilarious Cold Open. SNL - Saturday Night Live.

Canada legalization takes big step with federal report now complete. And: Obama Says Marijuana Should Be Regulated Like Cigarettes, Alcohol. And: Trump adds another marijuana opponent to his Cabinet.

29 Nov 2016: Republicans in Congress Won’t Let Veterans Access Medical Marijuana After All. [277][278].

Austin, Texas. Nov 11, 2016. Veterans Day. Medical marijuana.

New Attorney General. Republican 'Drug War Dinosaur' Jeff Sessions. Existential Threat to Cannabis Reform.2. Most Americans want legalized recreational marijuana, a higher minimum wage(2)(3), and an end to mass incarceration. All blocked mainly by Republican politicians in state and federal legislatures.

Surprise! Voter turnout in 2016 likely higher than 2012. And: Denver, Colorado legalizes cannabis in cafes and other venues. And: Texas activists call for expanding medical use law. And: Will Team Trump turn back cannabis reform? [279][280][281][282][283][284]. And: Michael Moore predicted the Trump win. "5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win."

Bernie on the election and the future. And: Sanders Supporters Say 'I Told You So'. And: Bernie's empire strikes back. Taking back the Democratic Party state by state for 2018 midterm elections. And: Poll taken just before election shows Bernie crushing Trump.

Map shows states that legalized pot on Election Day. And: 4 States Raise Minimum Wage; 7 Loosen Marijuana Laws. And: 28 Legal Medical Pot States & DC. [285]. And: Clickable NORML map. [286].

States that have legalized.
Map of states that have legalized marijuana.jpg

2016 election.

See clickable map. And: enter address.

2016 vote. Predictions.

Cannabis is safer.

Well, At Least Marijuana Won Big On Election Night. California, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine legalize recreational pot.

Maine Passes Revolutionary Voting System That Helps Third Parties. And: Insane Early Voting Lines Were a Direct Result of Republican Voter Suppression And: The Real Voter Fraud. Fewer polling places, long lines, millions of disenfranchised not allowed to vote, fewer early voting days, or none. [287][288][289].

Associated Press: Under Clinton's healthcare plan 9 million more people would be covered. Trump's plan would lose 20 million. And: >> Still true.>> Some Republicans and businesses are for Single-Payer. And: Inside big pharma's fight to block recreational marijuana. And: Republican Doctors Less Likely to Recommend Medical Marijuana. And: Government Health Plans Spent Over $1 Billion on EpiPens Over 5 Years. And: Senate bill: Safe and Affordable Drugs from Canada Act. Much cheaper under Single Payer. And: Bernie Sanders video on importing drugs from Canada.

Only Bernie Sanders Can Save the Democratic Party Now. And: Clinton lost. Bernie could have won. And: Shades Of 2000? Clinton Surpasses Trump In Popular Vote. 2. And: PolitiFact: 70% of Trump's statements are false or mostly false. [290].

Would Bernie Sanders have defeated Donald Trump? And: Team Bernie: We Told You So. And: Sanders Statement on Trump.

Australia legalized medical marijuana cultivation as of October 30, 2016. See: video. And: Obama releases 98 more drug-war prisoners. A single-year record. And: 72 more released after that.

Current medical marijuana states, with map. And: Map of all U.S. marijuana laws by state. Upcoming votes. And: Clickable MPP map. And: Clickable NORML map. See: Poll timelines. And: 13 states allow registering the same day as voting, despite also having registration deadlines.Details.2. And: Early voting map.

Arkansas Poll Results Show Medical Marijuana A Tight Ballot Issue. And: Momentum Builds as More Artists Come Out in Support of Prop 64 Legalization in California. And: Bernie Sanders (Prop 64 supporter) Goes 'All In' for Hillary Clinton With an Eye Toward Post-Election Goals.

Google your question, and see specific info for your state or address. Google: Vote early. And: Google: Where do I vote? And: Google: Am I registered to vote?

Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Jay Z, Stevie Wonder, Jon Bon Jovi, and Pharrell Williams get out the vote for Hillary.

Rick Steves Counters Reefer Madness Prohibitionist Republican Governor Paul LePage in Maine. 2. And: Rick Steves on similarities between 1930s Germany and today. 2. And: After the 2016 election marijuana could be legal for recreational or medical use in 29 states.

Running list. [14].

Trump-Putin 2016

Arkansas may become the first Southern state to legalize medical marijuana. [291]. And: 2016 may be a watershed moment for legalization. [292].

Trump for workers? Running list of workers and businesses stiffed by Trump. 2. And: Remember How Republicans Like Trump Said Minimum Wage Increases Hurt The Economy And Cost Jobs? They're wrong. Trump video: "I would not raise the minimum wage." Flip flops. And: List of minimum wages by country. 2.. And: Maine Republicans Don’t Raise Minimum Wage, Because Workers Will Just Spend It On Drugs.

Wages, weed and wind divide Vermont candidates. And: Turkey legalizes cannabis production in 19 provinces. [293].

Running List Of Women Accusing Trump Of Sexual Assault. 2.3.

Legalization Brings Massive Drop In Arrests, No Increase In Youth Use Or Traffic Fatalities. And: East Lansing, Michigan OKs pot smoking, possession of small quantities. And: Police arrest more people for marijuana use than for all violent crimes combined.

Robert De Niro Unloads On Donald Trump With (Almost) Every Insult Under The Sun. 2. Trump Denied Ever Sexually Abusing Anyone. Plenty Of Women Say Otherwise.

Marijuana on ballot in 2016. And: Register and VOTE! And: Cannabis Festivals 2016-2017 help change public opinion for the better; even that of Republicans.

Trump tax plan good for the rich, explodes US debt. And: It would significantly raise taxes on middle class. 234. And: 3.5 million jobs would disappear under his plan. Clinton plan creates 3.2 million jobs.

Minimum wage on the ballot - Ballotpedia. And: These states will vote on increasing the minimum wage. And: Supporters Hope Minimum-Wage Votes Will Push Democratic Turnout.

Great video. Lives are being destroyed by the war on drugs. Democrat Gavin Newsom. And: Gary Johnson Is a Moron (And If You Vote For Him, You Are Too). And: Gary Johnson opposes the federal minimum wage. As governor he vetoed an increase. And: Colorado. Vote “yes": Opposition to minimum-wage increase is stuck in the past. And: Recreational Marijuana Polls Suggest Legalization in 5 States. And: Arizona Doctors And Nurses Say Vote ‘Yes’ On Prop. 205. And: Actress Susan Sarandon Urges Voters To Support Arizona Legalization.

Marijuana legalization is leading in every state where it’s on the ballot this November. [294][295]. And: Spain. Like Barcelona, Bilbao is Regulating and Normalizing Cannabis Social Clubs.

Duterte says he is part of a death squad 2.jpg
Philippine madman.

1942. Babi Yar, Kiev, Ukraine. Nazi mass murder.

NPR transcript of 1st debate, + fact checks.2. Video. And: Hilarious Saturday Night Live debate with Alec Baldwin as Trump. 2. SNL video.

A first for USA TODAY's Editorial Board: Trump is 'unfit for the presidency'. "been on so many sides of so many issues ... 124 shifts by Trump on 20 major issues."

Presidents have too much power. Johnson: Vietnam War, Warren Commission. Nixon: War on Drugs. Reagan: Mandatory minimum sentencing and mass incarceration. -- Video. Bush 1: More mass incarceration.

Philippine President Duterte: Hitler killed millions of Jews, I will kill millions of drug addicts. 2. 3. And: 75 years ago: 33,771 Jews slaughtered at Babi Yar, Kiev, Ukraine. Early Nazi mass murder.

Clinton, Sanders promote tuition-free college in joint New Hampshire appearance. 2.

2016 Early Voting Underway! And: 34 states have no-excuse early voting programs. And: Maine voters may legalize marijuana in November. Social clubs too. See poll. And: Montana will vote to overturn severe Republican medical cannabis restrictions. And: Republicans block bipartisan federal sentencing reform (nonviolent offenders).

Google: "How to register to vote". Online, by mail, or in person. Register. 2.

Dr. Bronner’s donates over $600,000 to marijuana legalization efforts in five states. [296].

See charts

The racism of drug war and all aspects of the criminal justice system.
Make America Great. Like Canada with single-payer healthcare . And Portugal with harm reduction and drug decriminalization . And Australia with a $15 dollar minimum wage. And Barcelona's private marijuana clubs. And: PBS’ Rick Steves will lend ‘European Perspective’ to 2016 legalization vote in Massachusetts.
Nashville passes marijuana decriminalization measure. And: Marijuana Strains Developed By Merle Haggard to Hit the Market. 2.3.

Mass incarceration could be costing the United States over $1 trillion a year. [297]. See Alternatives. See costs.

9 States Have Marijuana Initiatives On November Ballots.

Clueless Republican Governor of Arizona still claims alcohol is safer than marijuana. And: Fentanyl Maker Donates Big to Campaign Opposing Arizona Pot Legalization. [298]. And: Prop 205 Poll: Half want to see marijuana legalized in Arizona. 50% for, 40% against.

Polls. Clinton versus Trump.jpg
HuffPost Polls, Charts [299].

Arizona Prop 205

New York Times article and video on epic fail of drug war. [15][16][17][18]

Vote Republican! America needs the Freedom of continued Mass Incarceration, a low federal minimum wage, more income inequality, and Schedule 1 cannabis.

American Legion Calls for Marijuana Rescheduling. Vets want Republicans to return protection for VA doctors recommending cannabis. In VA funding bill. [300]

Alternatives to Republican mass incarceration. - Denver votes on marijuana in cafes, etc.. And: Unprecedented number of states vote on marijuana.

44% of Black women (and 32% of Black men), but only 12% of White women (and 6% of White men), have a family member imprisoned [301]. Prisons and taxes keep the poor in line:

Trump’s tax plan penalizes single parents. And: House GOP’s ‘Better Way’ Tax Plan A Much Better Way For Richest 1 Percent.

Obama alone can not reschedule marijuana. Neither will this Republican Congress.
Census Data 'Starkly Illustrates' the Time for Single Payer Is Now. The failure of private health insurance. Canadian single-payer healthcare and Portuguese decriminalization.

Amendment 70. Colorado. Why small business owners support raising the minimum wage. And: Banning Canadians from U.S. for life for smoking pot 'ludicrous,' says Goodale. And: Narcan Prices Are Skyrocketing, and Republican Big Pharma Is Ecstatic.

Duterte says he is part of a death squad 2.jpg
Philippine madman.

Philippines President calls Obama a "son of a whore" concerning 2,400 drug user killings 2.. Duterte says he is no American puppet.

Philippine Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2016. HB180.jpg
Cannabis is safer. See Philippine petition.
Duterte enacts emergency powers by declaring 'state of lawlessness' in Philippines. And: Refuses to meet UN chief during Southeast Asian Nations meeting.

Income inequality is slowing the global economy. And: Want to Reduce Crime and Mass Incarceration? Raise Wages. And: Minimum wage splits candidates along party lines. And: Republican Chris Christie Vetoes New Jersey Minimum Wage Hike. See Minimum Wages by Country. And: Overzealous Prosecutors Are Losing Elections. And: Obama Administration Continues Pulling Away From Private Prison Companies. And: Pennsylvania Poll Shows Why Democrats Are On The Verge Of Senate Takeover.

A Lot Of People Are Dying At This Understaffed Texas Jail. And: How the Money Bail System Perpetuates America’s Mass Incarceration Problem. And: Justice Department blasts ‘unconstitutional’ fixed bail schedules. Many innocent people in jail.
Obama to meet Philippines President Duterte, raise issue of 1,900 drug war killings. CNN.
Philippines: 5-year-old girl killed in drug war. Human Rights Watch. CNN. And: National police chief tells drug users to kill drug dealers and burn down their homes. See: info

Oregon has first legal pot display in a state fair in the US. And: USDA approves organic hemp certification. [304].

EpiPens cost just several dollars to make. Customers pay more than $600. [305]. Canada's Single Payer healthcare helps remove some of the monopoly profit.

A Day in the New Life of an Injured, Marijuana-Smoking Army Veteran. Time. And: Republican governor Hutchinson of Arkansas opposes legalizing medical marijuana.

1,800 dead since May 10, 2016 in the Philippines’ War on Drugs. Time. 2.3. Lists.

Philippines President Duterte threatens to leave UN over criticism of his brutal drug war, and death squad killings of alleged drug users or dealers. [306][307].

Republican Texas has highest maternal mortality rate in developed world. See: more:
Replace Obamacare with Single-Payer Healthcare. Higher life expectancy at half the cost. Canada passes US in middle-class wealth. Median after-tax middle-class income in Canada is higher. [308]. Why? Canadians pay so much less for far better healthcare.
Country Life expectancy Infant mortality rate Healthcare cost per person
(2). (US dollars. PPP)
Murder rate
per 100,000
Canada 82.2 years.(2) 4.9 per 1000 births. $4,608 in 2015 1.5
USA 79.3 years.(2) 6.5 per 1000 births. $9,451 in 2015 3.9
Save $1.6 trillion out of $3.2 trillion spent on US healthcare in 2015. How?: Canadian single-payer healthcare, and Portuguese drug decriminalization and treatment. And: Save more via less incarceration. And: Prescriptions are free in Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland. Vs. USA. [309]. And: No personal medical debt in single-payer countries. And: Canada has higher minimum wage.

Single Payer. Developed world paying half of what USA spends on healthcare. And: Kentucky's Republican governor wants to eliminate health insurance for over 400,000. Like the rest of the Republican South. In contrast: Patients can grow their own medical pot in Canada under new rules. [310][311]. And: Marijuana Growers' Fair Opens in Oregon. First time at a state fair.

The VA: Another reason for single payer. Physicians for a National Health Program. And: New Jersey veterans fight to use medical marijuana for PTSD.
If you think this is safe and this is dangerous.jpg
Cannabis is safer.

Sanders Says DOJ Ban on Private Prisons Doesn't Go Far Enough. And: DEA Stops Calling Marijuana One Of The 'Most Dangerous Drugs'.

Ronald Reagan, 1980 campaign speech: "Leading medical researchers are coming to the conclusion that marijuana, pot, grass whatever you want to call it, is probably the most dangerous drug in the United States, and we haven't begun to find out all of the ill effects, but they are permanent ill effects. The loss of memory for example."
Reagonomics. Give rich people money.jpg

16 Aug 2016: Nation’s first memorial to commemorate victims of lynching and mass incarceration. [312]. Republican state senator opposes "more race talk". And: Republican Chris Christie Vetoes Automatic Voter Registration Bill Again. But 5 other states have it. And: 86% of eligible Coloradans are registered to vote. Text voter registration, too.

18 Aug 2016: Sanders Condemns Obscene Levels of Inequality Documented in New CBO Report. And: Judge rules in favor of minimum wage. And: Baltimore votes for $15 minimum wage by 2022. And: Trumponomics: Off-The-Shelf, Warmed-Over Trickle-Down Policies. Newsweek. And: 5 States Voting on Recreational Marijuana This Election.. 2..3.4.. - Register, VOTE!

Happy cannabis. Alcohol black eye.jpg
Cannabis is safer.

As legalization spreads, marijuana use overtaking tobacco. 2. And: Big alcohol is working to undermine legalization. 2.

Duterte’s Brutal Drug War Skyrockets Killings In The Philippines.

5 Aug 2016: Richard Branson asks President Duterte to stop murderous Philippine drug war. [313][314]. And: Washington Post editorial board: Death squads in the Philippines. And: PHOTOS. Dead bodies and hellish prisons on Philippines police graveyard shift. [315]. Duterte wants martial law.

Obama frees 214 inmates (67 in for life), almost all for nonviolent drug offenses. 2. And: Obama's approval rating is near its highest point ever.

4 Aug 2016: Bodies pile up in Philippine drug war. AFP. See maps, charts, lists of dead. And: Jennelyn Olaires hugs murdered partner Michael Siaron, 30, killed by presidential Philippines death squad in July 2016. Hundreds of alleged drug users killed with approval of President Duterte. [316]. See: Kill List. And: "Olaires insists that he was just a pedicab driver and had no ties to the drug trade." - CNN. Wikipedia: Philippine Drug War. And: Rodrigo Duterte.

Jennelyn Olaires hugs murdered partner Michael Siaron, 30, killed by presidential Philippines death squad in July 2016.jpg

Says President Duterte. CNN.

3 Aug 2016: At least 704 people have been killed since May 10, when Duterte’s election win became clear. And: Choirgirl, 22, killed with a bullet to the head during Duterte's 'state-sponsored butchery'. And: Human Rights Watch: Duterte’s drug war packs jails to ‘breaking point’. And: Philippines President Vows ‘No Mercy’ In Drug War; Estimates 100,000 Will Be Killed. And: Seeks even more Presidential power, though public opinion turning against giving it to him.

On first day in office Philippines President Duterte Asks Civilians To Kill Drug Addicts. As mayor, he approved of death squads that killed 1000 people. Wanted to be first in gang rape of "beautiful" Australian missionary who died. Ambassadors condemn remarks. Duterte calls one a gay son of a bitch. 2.

28 Jul 2016: Time magazine. Can Medical Marijuana Help End the Opioid Epidemic?

I do not do drugs. Republican Party starter kit.jpg
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 2016 July 26 crowd and posters.jpg

Philadelphia during the Democrat Convention. 26 July 2016. Part of "the 'Great Wall of Love' with our LGBTQ friends to keep out the hate spewing bigots from the Westboro Baptist Church." [317].

Illinois reduces punishment for minor pot possession from jail to citation. 2. 3.

1 Aug 2016: Illinois Is Officially The 21st State To Decriminalize Weed.

26 Aug 2016: In a first, Oregon State Fair to feature marijuana plants. And: If You Are Succeeding in the Cannabis Industry, Thank an Activist.

When and how did the British monarchy lose actual power? One hopes U.S. presidents also become token figureheads without veto power. George Washington could have been a king, but refused. We need more democracy. The majority wants a higher federal minimum wage, legal cannabis, cheaper single-payer healthcare, more taxes on the rich, and less taxes on the middle class and poor. Republican obstructionism in Congress is responsible for the impoverishment of the middle class, and continued mass incarceration.

Debbie Wasserman crowns Queen Hillary.jpg King Trump.jpg

Marijuana rallies in decriminalized Philadelphia during Democrat Convention.

Philadelphia. 25 July 2016. [19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26].

25 Jul 2016: Medical marijuana has potential as Alzheimer's treatment, study says. And: Republicans block it?: Senate Bill Would End Massive Tax Breaks for Private Prisons. [318]. And: Legal medical pot nationwide would save Medicare $468 million. [319].

Virginia Governor Bypasses Court Ruling To Help 200,000 Ex-Felons Vote. Republicans block cannabis/drug felons from voting against drug wars.

22 Jul 2016: Pot activists meet with cops to prep for Democrat Convention. And: Restorative justice. An alternative to mass incarceration. [320]. Versus $31,000 a year for prison. Florida: More high-THC medical marijuana available if 2016 ballot issue passes. And: Police head wants less limits on past marijuana use of police recruits.

Trump family would get $7 billion windfall from his plan to eliminate all estate taxes.
Minimum wage servers for Republican Party.jpg
Republican Party. Greed, ground wars, drug wars, and mass incarceration.

Michael Moore Thinks Donald Trump Will Win Presidential Election: Find Out Why! And: Italian Parliament To Consider Marijuana Legalization. [321]. And: Italian farmers are planting hemp to decontaminate polluted soil. And: Latin American Medical Cannabis Conference in Costa Rica – July 27-29. And: MP to move bill in Indian Parliament to legalize common recreational drugs like pot.

Republican platform opposes increase in federal minimum wage.
Internal squabbling over Trump's proposal for HUGE tax cuts for the rich.

21 Jul 2016: Florida police shoot black man with his hands up as he tries to help autistic patient. And: Trump campaign channels Nixon "law-and-order" strategy (and war on drugs?). And: Politifact agrees that Nixon's drug war led to a massive increase in incarceration. See Wikipedia: War on drugs. See: Drug war causes high U.S. incarceration rate. And: Lancet: Mass imprisonment of drug users driving global epidemics of HIV, hepatitis, and tuberculosis. And: Pot Vs. Pills: Can Marijuana Help Cure The Opiate Crisis?

Video describes how Portugal's decriminalization and harm reduction reconnects people. 2.. And: Times of London has called for Portugal's decriminalization. 2.

More current and former Canadian cops are using medical marijuana. Veterans too.

13 Jul 2016: After Democrats back marijuana rescheduling, Republicans vote against medical pot. [322].

Incarceration gap widens between whites and blacks.

Canadian Single-Payer Healthcare and Portuguese Decriminalization. Saves trillions of dollars. Obama and Democrat platform want single payer (public option) healthcare 2. Republicans will expand the useless health insurance industry.

Mass incarceration

Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the U.S. and the world. Georgia has around 8% of its adult population under correctional supervision (jail, prison, probation, parole). And: 2.

Above table: 2010 incarceration by race and ethnicity.

11 Jul 2016: Kansas City Marijuana Reform Advocates Launch Decriminalization Ballot Initiative. [323].

Democratic Party platform on marijuana: "Because of conflicting laws concerning marijuana, both on the federal and state levels, we encourage the federal government to remove marijuana from its list as a Class 1 Federal Controlled Substance, providing a reasoned pathway for future legalization." See: Full text.

Info: [27][28][29][30][31].

8 Jul 2016: The Netherlands has a strange problem: Empty prisons. 2nd lowest incarceration rate in Europe.

4 states have minimum wage on the ballot in 2016.
12 states may Vote on Marijuana This November.

GOP mass incarceration

30 Jun 2016: Congress: Republicans Derail Efforts to Expand Cannabis Access to Veterans. [324][325]

House Republicans blocked an effort to open up banking for marijuana businesses.

Elizabeth Warren & other Democrats ask DEA for immediate marijuana rescheduling. 2.

Tony Blair, like Republican Bush in the past, blasted by UK Chilcot Report on the Iraq War. [326] [327]. And: House Republicans Buy the Navy a $400 Million Pork Ship the Secretary of Defense does not want. And: New Mexico (Republican governor) Defrauds The Poor Out Of Food Stamps, Whistleblowers Say


29 Jun 2016: The Republican War on Voting Is Working. [328]. Part of the War on the Poor, drug users, and the 99%. Historic discontent related to more than a decade of declining bottom-quartile wages. And: Income Inequality Is At The Highest Level In American History. "Incomes for the 99 percent have only recovered about 60 percent of what they lost. But the rich are doing great. ... They captured more than half of all the income growth in the country." Republican leaders are ecstatic.

Homicide rates of USA and Western nations 1950 - 2010.jpg
Top doctors group (AMA) declares gun deaths a 'public health crisis'.
Armed angel.jpg

Survivors are fed up.

Murder in Western nations. USA on top. See above 1950-2010 chart. Homicide rates of USA (top line), Australia, Canada, Spain (ESP), Great Britain, and the Netherlands. From: OECD "How Was Life?", page 147.

If Islam Is a Religion of Violence, So Is Christianity. Radical Christianists have promoted the drug war, and approved the killing of gays. Both historically in the Bible, and today. No religion is inherently peaceful or violent. 2.

13 Jun 2016: More people killed by US domestic gunmen (1,516,863) since 1968 than in all wars fought by America (1,396,733). [329]. And: Mass Incarceration and high murder rate damage U.S. Global Peace Ranking. - U.S. News and World Report.. Incarceration rate of 693 per 100,000. [330].

Most firearm deaths in the USA are from handguns. [331][332]. Canada has a much lower rate of handgun ownership than the USA. See chart. And Canada has a much lower murder rate, and little mandatory sentencing. See: NRA's high murder rate, and mandatory sentencing And: A ten-round magazine is sufficient for semi-auto rifles in the real world. And: What a semi-auto rifle can do to the human body. And: Congress Refuses, So California Funds Its Own Gun Violence Research Center.

Solitary confinement.jpg

10 Jun 2016: Tipping point? Ohio is 25th state to legalize medical marijuana. [333][334].

Maryland repealed mandatory minimum drug sentencing despite initial Republican opposition.

19 May 2016: “We have an under-incarceration problem.” Republican Senator Cotton. Trillions of dollars.

What are the chances Democrats will gladly change all states to open primaries? Then ask what are the chances independents will gladly vote for Clinton in November.
Republican big spending: Ground wars, drug wars, and US healthcare costs and incarceration costs. See: Business people for Single-payer Healthcare. Fed up with uncontrollable costs of U.S. healthcare.
Democrats want independents to vote for them, but NOT in the primaries.
*Greg Palast: Many independent voters illegitimately stopped from voting in California [342]. Institutionally-rigged nature of many closed and semi-closed Democrat primaries. See: Wikipedia: Primary elections in the United States. See OpenPrimaries.org map. Click states.
Bernie wins the debate: 50-39% Sanders vs Trump. Clinton follows in Al Gore's footsteps. “No We Can’t” Hillary puts down the "Yes we can" independents who far outnumber Democrats.
SWAT and cannabis plant.jpg

Presidents have too much power. Canada elects a prime minister who can be removed by a majority vote. In the USA Republicans and Democrats are often closed political cults. Wikipedia: Results of the Democratic presidential primaries, 2016. Many Democrat primaries lock out independents.

Info: [32][33][34][35][36].

16 May 2016: Gallup poll: Majority in U.S. Support Single Payer Healthcare. As do doctors. [347]. And: Polling shows the majority of Americans agree with Bernie Sander's views: Single payer healthcare (which costs less per person), income inequality, progressive taxation (it does not increase total taxes; it assigns higher and lower tax rates depending on income), minimum wage, cannabis reform [348]. See Wikipedia: List of countries by total health expenditure per capita.

Canada's popular single-payer healthcare is not socialism. Like road building, it is done by private services. Saves trillions of dollars. See: Canadian healthcare and Portuguese decriminalization.
Sanders versus Trump poll trendline.jpg
Sanders versus Trump.
Polling trendline over time.
Women who smoke weed.jpg

Women who smoke weed are smarter than those who don’t.

28 Apr 2016: Republicans block drug law reform unless their criminal friends allowed to thwart environmental and business regulation. And: E-cigarettes should be offered to smokers, say doctors - BBC News. [349].

Canada has much lower murder, robbery, and sexual assault rates than the USA. Without the high household handgun ownership rate of the USA. And without US-style mass incarceration. And: At the UN Canada announced that cannabis legalization will occur in the spring of 2017.

Happy 4/20! NORML Unveils Our 2016 Congressional Scorecard. And: A or F? How Congress scores on marijuana. Grading based upon members' 2015 voting records.

USA: "Of the 233 Democrats in Congress, 208 members (89.3 percent) received a passing grade of a 'C' or higher. Of the 302 Republicans in Congress, 102 members (33.8 percent) received a passing grade of a 'C' or higher."

Vote out most Republicans! Ballotpedia issues: marijuana and minimum wage.