Indian Cillum made of "holy clay", dedicated to Shiva, with stone and pouch.

A chillum is a straight, conical shaped pipe, made of stone, clay or wood, used to smoke hashish or marihuana. It is mainly used in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Its use is becoming more popular in the United States.

a (specially made) stone is placed in the hollow of the cone, and the crumbled hashish is pressed into the bowl on top of it. Then a cloth is made moist and wrapped loosely around the mouth piece. The mouth piece is held in a special way, between the outstretched fingers of one hand, and the other hand wrapped around the first hand, making a hollow with an opening between the thumb and forefinger of the hand with the outstretched fingers. the lips are put over this opening and the chillum is lit by a second person.

It takes some exercise to get the hands right so no false air is coming through the fingers, but when this is managed, a puff from a chillum is a powerful hit, especially because the air is breathed directly into the lungs, instead of first sucked into the mouth.

Please note:

the smoke from a chillum is very hot, that's why (if possible) a wet (moist) cloth is used. Also, without a cloth to filter the smoke, there is the danger of burning chunks entering the lungs. Please beware.

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