By: T.H. Seeds

Type: Indica/Sativa (Indica dominant)
Genetics: Master Kush (m) x Chem 91 (f)
Height: 120-160 cm
Flowering Time: 73-77 days

Crossing the legendary heavyweight from Colorado going by Chem 91, a knock out sativa dominant strain, with the all time famous Master Kush, T.H. Seeds has created Cold Creek Kush. Chem 91 is an incredibly famous strain which is the mother to both O.G. Kush and the world famous east coast strain, Sour Diesel. Hitting all the great sativa undertones yet packing that Kush goodness, Cold Creek Kush is a perfect Kush hybrid strain. Considering it's sativa background, growing indoors is best done in a screen of green (SCROG) environment. The extra wait for flowering time to finish is worth the wait due to the equally larger yields Cold Creek Kush provides. To back its name this fantastic Kush dominant strain took home 2nd place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2010 in the Indica category.

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