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10 June: South Dakota voters to decide future of medical and recreational marijuana in the state.
10 June 2020: Know The Signs: How to tell if your grandparent has become an antifa agent.

Nice body armor. I have to buy my own chalk
Source. [72].

10 June: Should Police Departments Receive Military-Grade Equipment? "Critics also argue that the requirement the 1033 Program equipment be used within a year of approval incentivizes police departments to bring military equipment to situations that don't warrant it."
10 June 2020: NASCAR bans Confederate flags at all races, events.
8 June: Terminally ill Canadians apply for legal access to 'magic mushrooms' drug. [73].
6 June: Arkansas. Group pushing for recreational marijuana continues efforts to gather signatures. Electronic signatures allowed. Initiative would also allow for home growing.
6 June: Images show just how massive the global Floyd protests were on Saturday, June 6. [74][75]. Click on Twitter icons to go to working videos on Twitter. Sunday, June 7, too.
6 June: Activists create public online spreadsheet of police violence videos. Spreadsheets: [76][77].
5 June: Marine Corps officially bans Confederate battle flag on military bases — including on bumper stickers and coffee mugs.
4 June: Manuel Ellis: Tacoma Man Died In Police Custody, Saying He 'Can't Breathe' : NPR.
4 June: Police Attack Press Freedom at George Floyd Protests: Watchdogs Say Assaults on Journalists Covering Protests Is on a 'Scale That We Have Not Seen Before'. [78]. Videos. [79].
3 June: Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Officer accused of pushing teen during protest has 71 use of force cases on file. 2 June: Black Female Police Officer Confronts White Cop Who Pushed Kneeling Woman.
2 June 2020: Birmingham, Alabama. City Officials Finish Protesters’ Job and Pull Down 115-Year-Old Confederate Monument. And: More info, and video of removal.
2 June: Photos: Thousands March In Wake Of George Floyd’s Death, From Amsterdam To Tokyo. [80].

Unfair! White man, born to great wealth, bemoans cruelty of life's injustice
Sources. [81][82][83]. And: Trump declared war on America on Monday night, June 1, 2020. [84].

1 June 2020: Since the beginning of 2015 Minneapolis police rendered 44 people unconscious using neck restraints 237 times. Half of those 44 were injured.
29 May: Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot tells Trump 'F-U' after tweet about Minneapolis looting. Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker calls Trump "a racist, misogynist, a homophobe, a xenophobe."

29 May 2020: Biggest US petition of all time! Justice for George Floyd.
29 May: New Congressional Resolution Condemns Police Brutality And War On Drugs. [85].
>> Race and the Drug War. Drug Policy Alliance. [86]. And: Wikipedia: Race and the drug war. And: Race, ethnicity, and drug war. The chokehold that helped kill Eric Garner (for allegedly selling loose, untaxed cigarettes) in 2014 was banned in New York City at the time of his death, yet the cop who used it was never charged with anything, and was only fired in August 2019. See Wikipedia: Death of Eric Garner. Apparently, cops can use these "death-holds" with impunity. In response to the pleas of bystanders to check his pulse the cop protecting the cop doing the killing of George Floyd said "Don't do drugs, guys". [87].
28 May: Drug Policy Alliance Statement on the Horrific Police Killing of George Floyd.
27 May 2020: Most Minnesota law enforcement agencies ban the neck-pinning maneuver used against George Floyd — but it's still allowed in Minneapolis.
Trump encouraged police to rough up suspects. They applauded. VIDEO.

George Floyd. See: Full video. And: This Is Why. [88]. And: Graphics, comments: [89][90][91][92].

27 May: After George Floyd's death in Minnesota, still think Colin Kaepernick's knee was the problem?

25 May: UFC: Israel Adesanya lends support to cannabis legalisation in New Zealand.
22 May 2020: Chris Wallace of Fox News debunks Trump: No record of massive or serious fraud from mail-in voting in red or blue states. No indication it favors one party over another.

22 May: Man Serving 18 Years On Marijuana Charges Died In Federal Prison COVID-19 Outbreak.
22 May: Massachusetts recreational marijuana stores plan to manage flow of customers as sales resume Monday, ask consumers to order ahead -
20 May: Biden widens lead over Trump in new national poll. Leads by 11 points. 50%-39%.
20 May: Judge Orders Ohio To Let Decriminalization Campaigns Collect Signatures Electronically.
15 May 2020: Spray Applied Hempcrete Building. 1st Hempcrete Build of 2020.
15 May: 3 and a third years of federal prohibition (no rescheduling or descheduling) by Trump and Republican Senate: - Federal mental health grants canceled because Maine has legal marijuana.
14 May: BBC. South Africa minister embraces cannabis video meme. "When people ZOL". Face-smile.
12 May: Lawmakers In Virginia Capital Vote To End Marijuana Testing Of City Workers.

12 May: Missouri Man in Prison for Growing Marijuana Dies in Less Than a Year.

10 May: AOC. In Denmark starting pay at McDonald's is about $22 an hour. It's true. See Politifact.

In Denmark starting pay at McDonald's is about $22 an hour

10 May: Saturday Night Live. Alec Baldwin returns as Trump drinking Clorox in 'SNL' opener.

Alec Baldwin as Trump drinking Clorox

8 May 2020: DW. Cannabis may increase resistance to coronavirus. Preliminary research.
7 May: Montana Begins Signature Gathering For Legalization Measure With New Safety Protocols.
7 May: Marijuana May Not Lower Your IQ. Scientific American. Article quote (emphasis added):


in Jackson and Iacono’s analysis [of the twin study], marijuana use and IQ were completely uncorrelated, and IQ measures fell equally in both the users and abstainers. Subsequent twin studies, including one performed with U.K. data by the Dunedin team, corroborated these findings of no relationship between marijuana use and a falling IQ.

6 May 2020: Louisiana Lawmakers Vote To Allow Medical Marijuana For Any Debilitating Condition, And To Legalize Delivery Services.
6 May: Why are Russian coronavirus doctors mysteriously falling out of windows? Corrupt system (like USA) under massive stress, political pressure, cronyism.

Trump's failing healthcare report card.

5 May: Coronavirus Whistle-Blower Said Trump Steered Contracts to Cronies. 5 May: Trump contradicts nurse leader about 'sporadic' PPE availability. She said there are "pockets" in USA without sufficient protective medical equipment.
3 May: If not for Obamacare, COVID-19 patients with preexisting conditions could’ve been ‘uninsurable’. May 6: Trump asks Court to rule Obamacare unconstitutional.

2 May 2020: 2020 Global Cannabis March. Many virtual, online events.

Germany 2020 May 2 online
Germany. May 2, 2020: Global Marijuana March - Online Demonstration für Legalisierung. Youtube: DeutscherHanfverband. See: Archive of May 2 livestream.

27 Apr 2020: Swiss Parliament Passes Motion To Authorize Cannabis Production And Export.
24 Apr: Top Republicans oppose electronic signature collection for marijuana ballot measure.

22 Apr: Majority Of Americans Think Marijuana Legalization Is A Successful Policy, Poll Finds. Most Republican politicians follow the lead of their base. So vote out most Republicans. From the article: "Democrats were the most likely to say that legalization has been successful or mostly successful (67 percent), followed by independents (54 percent) and Republicans (41 percent)."

21 Apr 2020: Lebanon Passes Legislation Legalizing Medical Marijuana Cultivation As Economy Struggles Amid Coronavirus Fallout.
20 Apr: Here's What Politicians Are Saying About Marijuana Laws On 4/20. Huge list.
20 Apr: Online 420 cannabis events in 2020. Compilation of many events.

Guadalajara 2020 April 20 Mexico
Sign posted early April 20, 2020 in Guadalajara, Mexico. Online events: [119][120][121][122][123][124].

20 Apr: Coronavirus sends 420 gatherings up in smoke, but potheads still plan virtual toke - ABC.
20 Apr: 4/20 in 2020: How to Celebrate Weed's Biggest Holiday Virtually |

2020 April 20. World Wide Online Smoke Session

Trump Lied, People Died

18 Apr: ‘They’re Death Pits’: Virus Claims at Least 7,000 Lives in U.S. Nursing Homes. Many more deaths in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities have not been counted yet.
17 Apr 2020: Two-thirds of Americans believe that Trump was 'too slow' to respond to the coronavirus crisis and 73% believe that the worst is still to come, poll finds.
17 Apr: Prison warden trying to kill older nonviolent pot lifer with health problems. Even though Craig Cesal approved for release by Bureau of Prisons regional office.

16 Apr: Snoop Dogg smoking a blunt outside the White House saying 'f*ck the president'
16 Apr: Interviewed in hiding, escaped NC inmate says he fled coronavirus ‘death sentence’. [188].
16 Apr: Federal judge orders Texas prison to provide inmates hand sanitizer, masks.
14 Apr: ‘Help We Don’t Wanna Die’: Inside First Prison To Protest Lack Of COVID-19 Protection.
13 Apr: Virginia just decriminalized marijuana. 27th state to decriminalize or legalize adult use. [189].
13 Apr 2020: NPR. A Month After Emergency Declaration, Trump's Promises Largely Unfulfilled. For example; massive testing. 13 Apr: Nursing home deaths soar past 3,600 in alarming surge. The true toll is likely much higher due to Trump's lack of testing.
11 Apr: Marijuana dispensaries deemed 'essential' but ineligible for federal stimulus. [190]. That is because Republicans block descheduling and other cannabis reform bills in the Senate.

US versus South Korea


10 Apr: Massive testing, masks, contact tracing, and app mapping are the big lessons from South Korea's coronavirus response. Now they can go out more (in masks). Vox video. [191][192].

Wikipedia: United States influenza deaths and hospitalizations by flu season. COVID-19 US deaths have already surpassed 2020 US flu deaths. 10 April: Hundreds of bodies recovered from New York City homes every day are NOT included in coronavirus death count even if they had symptoms. [193] COVID-19 table by country (scroll down). Cases, total deaths, deaths per million, etc.. [194].

8 Apr 2020: Massachusetts. If Liquor Stores Are “Essential,” Why Aren’t Marijuana Dispensaries?
8 Apr 2020: The briefings aren’t working: Trump's approval rating takes a dip.
8 Apr: Covid-19 is disproportionately taking black lives. And: 'It's a racial justice issue': Black Americans are dying in greater numbers from Covid-19.

7 Apr: Charlotte Figi, namesake of Charlotte's Web medical marijuana strain, dies with COVID-19. Girl who inspired CBD movement dead at 13. [195][196][197].

Charlotte Figi

7 Apr 2020: Businesses that ‘indirectly’ work with marijuana industry ineligible for federal coronavirus loans. Another result of Republican refusal to federally reschedule or deschedule cannabis.

Honey bear

4 Apr 2020: Trump Administration Adopts Mini-Universal Health Care for COVID-19. $$$. Health Care CEO Who Makes Millions Says No to Hazard Pay for Coronavirus Workers. These leaders should take a huge pay cut to buy more equipment to save nurses' lives.

4 Apr: Canada: Double standard! Ontario's marijuana stores ordered to close. While alcohol sales are liberalized through take-out and delivery services! [226]. See: Cannabis is safer!

29 Mar: New Jersey. Let sick people grow their own weed at home, N.J. medical marijuana industry advocates say.
29 Mar: COVID-19 sparks prison massacre in Colombia.

29 Mar: "A Michigan emergency room nurse posted a gripping, seven-minute video on Instagram saying that they're out of fentanyl, Tylenol and ventilators." From: Article with more videos. [227][228][229]. Healthcare workers need crowd-sourced masks. State by state lists.
28 Mar: Biden leads Trump in new polls despite coronavirus approval bounce. 2020 US election may come down to "My rapist is better than your rapist". Lesser of evils. Google Tara Reade. And Bernie Sanders shot himself in the foot by refusing to give up his pet word, "socialist". Presidential power should be abolished. They are all flawed. Presidents should be figureheads only, like UK's queen.
27 Mar: Cannabis finds its moment amid coronavirus outbreak.
Not wearing masks to protect against coronavirus is a ‘big mistake,’ top Chinese scientist says. [230].

24 Mar: Nepali lawmakers push marijuana legalization. Production, sale, consumption. Grow 6 plants.
23 Mar 2020: Coronavirus Crisis Shows Marijuana Is ‘Essential’ And Mainstream. [245][246][247][248].
22 Mar: Urbana-Champaign Books to Prisoners has mega-packing day before COVID-19 shutdown.
20 Mar:Italian hospital makes heartbreaking decision not to intubate anyone over the age of 60. Prioritizing the young or those without comorbidities. 50% of ICU patients are dying. [249].
19 Mar: Colorado Just Issued The First Marijuana Delivery License In The State.

19 Mar 2020: Los Angeles, California. Cannabis dispensaries listed as essential businesses under L.A. County coronavirus order.
18 Mar: New York Police Officer Caught Planting Marijuana in a Car — Again. By Alice Speri. The Intercept. Image below from video at 1 minute 45 seconds in. See Facebook.

New York Police Officer Caught Planting Marijuana in a Car — Again

18 Mar: Baltimore To End Most Drug Prosecutions Amid Coronavirus Outbreak.

18 Mar: Amid Coronavirus, San Francisco, New York, Deem Marijuana Businesses 'Essential'. 16 Mar: Forget loo rolls - shoppers queue up to buy CANNABIS in Holland after government announces coffee shop closures due to coronavirus.
16 Mar: Norway College Urges Students To Return From 'Poorly Developed' U.S. Amid Pandemic.

16 Mar: South African GCM events postponed. Moved from May 2 to September 12, 2020. Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban. See: Global Cannabis March 2020.

South Africa 2020 Sep 12 graphic 2

14 Mar 2020: Boston Area Residents Stockpile Marijuana In Case Of Coronavirus Quarantine.
13 Mar: Cannabis Event Cancellations Due to Coronavirus Outbreak.

Social distancing. Cannabis style
Social distancing. [250]. Cannabis style. 2020 events.

12 Mar 2020: Lebanon set to legalise medical, industrial cannabis cultivation.

US timeline. Number of overdose deaths from all drugs

11 Mar: In South Dakota, Oglala Sioux Tribe approves medical, recreational marijuana.
10 Mar: New Jersey Supreme Court: Medical marijuana patients can’t be fired for testing positive for cannabis. May bring disability discrimination claim.
29 Feb: New Zealanders back legal weed once they know the facts - poll.

We don't show the police where your drugs are

28 Feb: Malawi legalises medical and industrial cannabis amid hopes of fresh economic growth. [257].
24 Feb: US. Hempcrete passes ASTM E84 test. Zero flame spread. Zero smoke. Fireproof.
23 Feb: College degree in cannabis coming to a college near you.
23 Feb: Tennessee. Sevierville company first in the world to produce hemp hardwood flooring.
21 Feb: Thousands light up joints during Hindu festival in Nepal.

Mexico City 2019 May 4 Mexico crowd 4
2020 Global Cannabis March and 420 Map. Crowd photo from Mexico City, May 4, 2019. See 420 Events Guide.

20 Feb: Older Americans are increasingly turning to pot to treat their aches and pains.
15 Feb: Sanders Applauds New Medicare for All Study: Will Save 68,000 lives annually in the US, and will save more than $450 billion annually. [258].
14 Feb: Bernie Sanders Promises to Legalize Marijuana Federally by Executive Order, Expunge Records of Those Convicted of Pot Crimes. [259]. His long history of cannabis reform. [260].

The problem with America
Source and comments. - Researchers say there’s a simple way to reduce suicides: Increase the minimum wage. - 2020 Minimum Wage map. [261][262].

13 Feb: All eyes on New York state plan to legalize marijuana, help those hit by War on Drugs.
11 Feb: Croatia Introduces Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana: MP Mirela Holy.
11 Feb: Croatia Launches Recreational Cannabis Legalization Bill | Grizzle.

7 Feb 2020: Climate change: Antarctica just registered its hottest temperature ever recorded. No need to worry. Trump says everything is OK.
7 Feb: Real pay data show Trump's 'blue collar boom' is more of a bust for US workers, in 3 charts. See: Wages.
Stock market's at an all time high, libtard
Source and comments.

3 Feb: With pot now legal in Illinois, marijuana tour buses begin rolling in Chicago.
31 Jan: Indonesian Lawmaker Backs Cannabis Exports. [263].

29 Jan 2020: Pro-Legalization Group Ranks Best And Worst Governors On Marijuana. [264][265].

Legal Marijuana Advocates Rank The Best And Worst Governors On Cannabis. 2.. By Tom Angell, Jan 16, 2019. From the article (emphasis and links added):
Of the governors who received passing grades in the new scorecard, 22 are Democrats and only five are Republicans. Meanwhile, 100 percent of those who got A grades are Democrats. On the other end of the scale, the 15 who got D grades and the four who received an F are all GOP governors. No Democrat got less than a C.

Vote out most Republicans.

Donald is mine, chosen divine
"Donald is mine, chosen divine." Source and comments.

28 Jan: Indiana Republicans aiming to force marijuana prosecutions.
29 Jan: Racist Dayton, Ohio High School Expels Student for Smelling Like Weed Despite 2 Negative Test Results. 24 Jan: Racist Texas high school tells student that if he doesn't cut his dreadlocks, he won't get to walk at graduation. Another example of hair discrimination, some say. [266]
28 Jan: U.S. farm group urges 1% THC limit, longer harvest period. Like other countries.
27 Jan: Mexico’s President Says A New Marijuana Panel Will Make Legalization Recommendation.
23 Jan: Column: Trump opens door to Social Security cuts. [267][268].

2020 US minimum wage map
2020 State Minimum Wage Rates. Plus map showing lower minimum wages in Republican states. [269][270].

22 Jan: Legal pot ‘peddlers’ should be allowed to sell at farmer’s markets, on street corners, black activists say.
21 Jan: Free Weed: Sicily Is No Longer Charging Patients for Medical Cannabis.
17 Jan: Ohio hemp growing rules approved; farmers can start later this month.
15 Jan: Group of Mississippi physicians come out in support of medical marijuana initiative.
8 Jan: Alcohol Is Killing More Americans Than Ever. Cannabis is Safer. And Republicans keep blocking all cannabis rescheduling bills in the Senate.

Alcohol can cause seven types of cancer
Wikipedia: Alcohol and cancer. [271]. And: Cannabis is Safer.

31 Dec 2019: Illinois Governor JB Pritzker (Democrat) issues 11,000 pardons for marijuana.
27 Dec: Growing a Little Marijuana at Home Is Not a Crime, Italy’s Top Court Says. Decriminalized. [272][273].
20 Dec: Thailand. Southeast Asia Opens Its First Medical Marijuana Clinic in Bangkok. [274][275][276].
19 Dec: Finnish Prime Minister Marin calls for a 4-day-week and 6-hour-day for her country. As in parts of Sweden. Sanna Marin (34) is the youngest female head of government worldwide.

19 Dec 2019: Lesotho. One of the Poorest Countries in Africa Wants to Send Its Legal Marijuana All Over the World. [277][278].
17 Dec: Canada: At 25 cents a gram, is outdoor-grown cannabis the key to lower legal prices?
16 Dec 2019: Zambia approves cannabis exports to boost economy. [279][280][281].
13 Dec: Italy legalizes production and sale of cannabis with a maximum of 0.5 percent THC. [282].
12 Dec: 2020 US State Minimum Wage Rates. Plus map showing lower minimum wages in Republican states. [283][284].
11 Dec: Thailand Prime Minister Uses Medical Marijuana At Event With Ganja Mascot. [285][286].
6 Dec: Mayor Lori Lightfoot: Chicago residents can smoke legal weed in their backyards or balconies without being ticketed.
1 Dec: Activist and poet John Sinclair among first to purchase legal recreational marijuana in Michigan, 50 years after his historic arrest. [287][288].

John Sinclair purchases recreational cannabis on Dec 1, 2019 in Ann Arbor, Michigan on opening day
Wikipedia: John Sinclair (poet).

27 Nov: Poopy lettuce strikes again, sickening 67 with E. coli-tainted romaine. 25 Nov: Our food is tainted with E. coli, yet Trump's FDA is rolling back safety rules.
26 Nov: Joe Biden rolls back his stance on marijuana being a "gateway drug".
26 Nov: Chicago. Congressional candidate Anthony Clark gets high in campaign video, claims ‘cannabis saved my life’.
25 Nov: Birmingham Mayor Woodfin (Democrat) introduces plan to pardon misdemeanor marijuana convictions.
22 Nov: Oregon Supreme Court Bans Police From Asking Random Questions During Traffic Stops.
20 Nov 2019: Bill To End US Federal Marijuana Prohibition Passes Key House Committee.
17 Nov: Joe Biden Says Marijuana Might Be A Gateway Drug. [289][290][291].
17 Nov: Thailand Will Soon Allow Its Citizens To Grow Cannabis At Home To Sell To The Government.
7 Nov: Montana Ag Network: Hemp being considered for construction uses.
5 Nov: Massive marijuana shipment confiscated by NYPD is legal hemp: business owner. [292].
4 Nov: Prof David Nutt to lead medical cannabis trial involving 20,000 UK patients.
25 Oct: Bernie Sanders promises to use executive order to legalize marijuana. [293].
This is what happens when you elect a Republican Senate:

Republicans have declared War on the Middle Class.

22 Oct 2019: Average French households 'more wealthy than Americans and Germans', new study reveals. See median-wealth chart. See graphic below about how Trump Republicans transferred wealth from average American households to the rich.

Trump is such a moron. Why are US presidents given such power? Like veto power that requires a 2/3 vote to override. We shouldn't have real kings in the 21st century. Presidents should be figureheads like UK's queen.
21 Oct: Trump humiliated by female astronauts who fact check his space blunder during live call.

Do not buy most most cannabis stocks. There is a huge inventory of unsold cannabis:

17 Oct: Democrat Governors Of Northeastern States Adopt Coordinated Marijuana Legalization Plan.
9 Oct: Pennsylvania. Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf's proposed steps on marijuana legalization.
14 Oct: Scotland’s Ruling Party Unanimously Backs Drug Decriminalization Measure.
12 Oct: Thailand to Host World Ganja Festival 2020. [296]. Jan 29 - Feb 2, 2020. [297][298].

Thailand 2020 Jan 29 - Feb 2

13 Oct 2019: Why Scotland can ill afford to ignore Portugal’s ground-breaking war on drugs. The Scotsman. 16 Jul 2019: Scotland's drug crisis: How Portugal's treatment of addicts halted death toll. Daily Record. 18 Jun 2019: Scotland's drug crisis: Why Portugal started treating addicts as human beings. Daily Record. See: Portugal. Cannabis-related links. Links to many articles on 2001 decriminalization of drugs in Portugal.
Drug deaths per million people. Europe, by country. 16 July 2019 BBC article
Chart from: 16 July 2019: Scotland has highest drug death rate in EU. [299]. BBC News. Data is latest available at article publication. 218 deaths per million for Scotland in 2018. 217 for US in 2017.

9 Oct: America's richest 400 families now pay a lower tax rate than the middle class. CBS News.
8 Oct: For the first time in history, U.S. billionaires paid a lower tax rate than the working class. The Washington Post. From the article: "The top 400 families have more wealth than the bottom 60 percent of households, while the top 0.1 percent own as much as the bottom 80 percent." Politifact: [300].
6 Oct: The Rich Really Do Pay Lower Taxes Than You. New York Times.

4 Oct: South Africa. Legalisation is killing our market, say small-scale dagga growers.
4 Oct: Republican Trump just expanded drug testing (including marijuana) to hundreds of thousands of workers. On the other hand: 25 Sep: Democrat-ruled New York City Ban on pre-employment marijuana testing to impact HR policies nationwide, experts say.
25 Sep 2019: Annual fee eliminated for Massachusetts medical marijuana patients.
24 Sep: Australian Capital Territory votes to legalise cannabis for personal use.
14 Sep: Thais allowed six cannabis plants per household under draft law. [301][302]
12 Sep: California bans private prisons – including ICE detention centers.
12 Sep: Elizabeth Warren leads Joe Biden in ranked-choice poll.
9 Sep: South Africa ready to expunge dagga (cannabis) criminal records.
9 Sep: New York woman being held in Russia after arrest with medical marijuana. [303][304].
24 Aug 2019: Sweden. Man Avoids Arrest After Seagull Steals His Weed.
23 Aug: Disneyland Busted Robert Downey Jr. For Smoking Marijuana, He Reveals While Accepting Disney Award. [305].
23 Aug: Buttigieg Pledges To Decriminalize Possession Of All Drugs In First Term As President.
20 Aug: Elizabeth Warren. Rethinking Public Safety to Reduce Mass Incarceration and Strengthen Communities. [306]. And Facebook video and comments. 18 Aug: Bernie Sanders unveils criminal justice reform plan aiming to curb prison population.
13 Aug 2019: Thailand. Rangsit University Opens ‘Ganja Studies Department’. [307].
9 Aug: Did Ohio lawmakers accidentally legalize marijuana? Top law enforcers say yes. [308].
9 Aug: Bernie Sanders: Insane to be arresting some 600,000 people a year for marijuana.

Cotton versus hemp
Source with comments. And:

7 Aug: Luxembourg to be first European country to legalise possession, sale, and production of cannabis. Coalition of Liberals, Social Democrats, Greens. [309][310][311].
4 Aug 2019: David Letterman had the best "apology" for calling Trump a racist. Face-smile
4 Aug: Olivia Newton-John for medicinal cannabis worldwide. Her breast cancer fight.
1 Aug: “Be Water!”: seven tactics that are winning Hong Kong’s democracy revolution. [312].
1 Aug 2019: Short video. American Woman's Medication Costs 10% of US Price in Spain.

Drug prices. Canada versus USA
Source and comments.

President Vladimir Putin. Screwing up elections at home and abroad. Wikipedia: 2019 Moscow City Duma election. And: Wikipedia: 2019 Moscow protests. And: Moscow Mitch blocks election security bills in the US Senate, and nearly all cannabis reform legislation!

Wikipedia: Nuclear Option: Bring back "50% plus 1" democracy to the US Senate.
Why do we have wars
The US has sold wars and weapons to nearly all sides. For example; in the Middle East over the years. And the US has propagandized and sold the drug war and reefer madness to the whole world. The US has not reduced the harm from hard drugs. It has increased harm. The US prefers drug war, not harm reduction and less drug deaths.
Trump according to George Orwell
George Orwell "1984".
No European democracy has Trump's executive veto power requiring a 2/3 vote to override.

22 Jul 2019: Philippine march for cannabis. Quezon City, part of Metro Manila. [313][314][315].
24 Jul: Marijuana legalization more popular than free college and $15 minimum wage, poll finds. [316].

Good idea. % NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll. See July 23, 2019 analysis article. See PDF page 15.
"Do you think each of the following is a good idea or a bad idea?" [317].
70% "Medicare for all that want it, that is allow all Americans to choose between a national health insurance program or their own private health insurance".
67% "Government regulation of prescription drug prices".
63% "A Green New Deal to address climate change by investing government money in green jobs and energy efficient infrastructure".
63% "Legalizing marijuana nationally".
62% "A Wealth Tax, that is a higher tax rate on income above one million dollars".
56% "A national minimum wage of 15 dollars an hour".
53% "Free college tuition at public colleges or universities".

US Republican leaders are out of touch with mainstream Americans and Canadians.

21 Jul: Canada. THC slushies, pirate radio, and cannabis-driven boom in a Mohawk community.

USA. The state of the nation

19 Jul 2019: Texas Republican Leaders Want You to Know They Really, Really Hate Marijuana. [318][319][320][321]. 18 Jul: Texas Republican Lawmaker Lies about Pot & Veteran Suicides to Block Medical Access. [322][323].

Texas state Senator Donna Campbell
Texas state Senator Donna Campbell.

17 Jul: Republicans Want a White Republic. They'll Destroy America to Get It. Time magazine.
17 Jul: Three Republicans Stand in the Way of Federal Cannabis Reform in the US Senate. [324]. SAFE Banking Act. STATES Act. Veterans Equal Access Act. Descheduling or rescheduling cannabis.
17 Jul: Florida. New hemp laws temporarily halting marijuana-related arrests. [325].
14 Jul: Medical cannabis is gaining momentum in Asia. And China is heavy into hemp.
12 Jul: Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers To Fly Flag In Animated Series.

Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

11 Jul: Wisconsin Republicans Say No To Cannabis Reform. Increase Budget For Corrections.
9 Jul: Hawaii decriminalized marijuana. 26th state to legalize or decriminalize recreational pot.
8 Jul: Trump buddy: Duterte's drug war is 'large-scale murdering enterprise' says Amnesty.

8 Jul 2019: Perhaps Jack Herer Was Right, The Future Of Mankind May Be Hemp.
Alcohol abuse, marijuana abuse

8 Jul: Biggest Lie in Trump’s Environmental Speech Today.
8 Jul: Fact Check: Trump's environmental rhetoric versus his record. "A Washington Post-ABC News poll released over the weekend found that 62 percent of people disapprove of Trump's work on climate change while just 29 percent approve."
Trump Lies. Natural Resources Defense Council. NRDC. And: Tracking all of President Trump’s false or misleading claims - Washington Post. Scroll down and check the filter box for the environment. All False statements involving Donald Trump | PolitiFact.

8 Jul: 4 in 10 Americans struggle to pay bills as Trump brags about helping Wall Street. And: ‘This doesn’t look like the best economy ever’: 40% of Americans say they still struggle to pay bills.

US household debt is at an all time high. $13.7 trillion. See PDF page 3.

Total US household debt and its composition over time

Click to enlarge. Timeline is by quarters.

Thomas Paine statue in Thetford, Norfolk, England. July 2004

American revolutionary Thomas Paine. See: Common Sense. His statue in Thetford, England. See his quotes. Search for "poor" within those quotes. He supported economic justice, unlike today's Republicans.

6 Jul 2019: New York eyes plan to clear criminal records for over 200,000 pot busts.
3 Jul: Wisconsin Republican Senate leader opposes medical marijuana.
2 Jul: Texas Republicans' New Medical Marijuana Law Doesn’t Cover Veterans Suffering from PTSD.

2 Jul: Majority Backs ‘Medicare for All’ Replacing Private Plans, if Preferred Providers Stay.
Medicare for All. Majority support if providers kept. July 2019 poll

Portugal's drug decriminalization. 2.3.4. Based on single-payer, universal healthcare. 2.

2 Jul: There’s More Evidence That Raising the Minimum Wage Won’t Cost Jobs.
1 Jul 2019: Canadian Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Decriminalize All Drugs.
28 Jun: Malaysia Will Decriminalize Drug Possession, Top Gov't Official Says. [326].
27 Jun: New report finds ecstasy and cocaine less harmful than alcohol and tobacco.
21 Jun: Maine Legislature overwhelmingly approves recreational marijuana rules.
21 Jun: Marijuana Decriminalization Is Greatly Expanded in New York state. [327].
20 Jun: Congress Votes 267 to 165 To Block Feds From Enforcing Marijuana Laws In Legal States. The majority of Republicans opposed it. Only 8 Democrats voted against it.
18 Jun: Colombian court legalizes public pot consumption. [328][329][330].
17 Jun: Beijing says legalization of marijuana in US/Canada is a 'threat to China'. 2 Jul: Overseas influence blamed for rise in marijuana abuse among young Chinese.

Ancient cannabis smoking in China
12 Jun 2019: Earliest known signs of cannabis smoking unearthed in 2,500-year-old cemetery in China. [331].

12 Jun: Ohio. Cincinnati City Council votes to allow marijuana possession up to 100 grams. [332]
12 Jun: 64% of Americans support legalizing adult use of marijuana. [333]. By Gallup Poll. 19 April: CBS poll at 65% for legalization. Senate Republicans block the will of the American people. Vote!
12 Jun: Hundreds arrested in Moscow during protest over Ivan Golunov, and drugs planted by police. And: 11 Jun: Russian Journalist Ivan Golunov Is Freed; Ministry Orders Inquiry Into Drug Charges. [334].
8 Jun: AOC Pushes To Make It Easier To Study Shrooms And Other Psychedelic Drugs. [335].
7 Jun 2019: Marijuana Legalization Front and Center in 3 States.
6 Jun: New York City. Empire State NORML Activist Doug Greene Passes Away. [336][337][338][339][340][341].

6 Jun: Sanders Demands McConnell Allow Senate Vote to Raise 'Absurdly Low' Minimum Wage to $15.
5 Jun: New Hampshire House passes increase in minimum wage. With only three Republican votes.
5 Jun: Bernie Sanders: Walmart resistance to raising minimum wage is 'grotesque,' slams Walton family.
5 Jun: Walmart CEO calls on Congress to raise the federal minimum wage.

4 Jun: Oakland Just Decriminalized Magic Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, Peyote, Iboga. [342]. And: 8 May 2019: Denver voted to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms. 18 June: Is Canada next for shrooms?

Sao Paulo, Brazil. -- June 1, 2019. Huge crowd. Photos. [343][344]. Marcha da Maconha. Marijuana March. Streets filled from end to end in overhead photos and videos. Video. 2. Please share widely: [345].
Photo album. Sao Paulo, Brazil. Huge marijuana marches over years. [346].

Sao Paulo 2019 June 1 Brazil crowd 3

See: Source.

31 May: Federal Appeals Court Rules DEA, Fed. Govt. Must 'Promptly' Reassess Marijuana's Illegality.

Global Marijuana March animated

31 May: Illinois Becomes 11th State to Legalize Recreational Marijuana.
30 May: Zimbabwe government approves country's first cannabis farm. [347]
29 May: Colorado Governor Jared Polis Signs Bill Legalizing Social Marijuana Use Areas. [348].
28 May: Michigan Man Still Serving 60 Year Prison Sentence for Selling Weed in the ‘90s.
27 May 2019: 20-day pro-cannabis march embarks across Thailand.

26 May: A Lesson From 1930s Germany: Beware State Control of Social Media.
24 May: Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (Republican) vetoes medical marijuana expansion bill, saying 'Iowa must proceed cautiously' on changes. Republican vetoes and filibusters.
24 May: Trump dictatorship: Trump bypassing Congress with $8 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates. Trump's dictator friends: One of my Saudi clients is dead. Another is living, but he could be next: Exiled lawyer. Many dissenters regularly executed after torture and false confessions.
23 May: Federal Judge Rules People Can Secretly Record Police In Public Spaces.
23 May: Mexico’s President to the U.S.: We Don’t Want Your Armed Helicopters. He’s proposed across-the-board drug decriminalization in both nations. Cannabis is being legalized in Mexico.
21 May: 200+ Professors of Economics Endorse Single-Payer Medicare for All.
21 May 2019: Washington becomes 1st state to allow composting of human remains.
16 May: Bernie Sanders leads Joe Biden in Emerson national poll of 2020 contenders.
16 May: Serious Injuries From Domestic Violence Dropped After Marijuana Decrim, Study Finds.
16 May: 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg on the cover of Time magazine. #ClimateStrike
15 May: Amazon Tribe Wins Lawsuit Against Big Oil, Saving Millions Of Acres Of Rainforest.
13 May: St. Kitts And Nevis Court Rules Adults Can Legally Use Marijuana In Private.

12 May 2019: Trumpcare: Sweeping lawsuit accuses top generic drug companies, executives of fixing prices. On 60 Minutes. CBS news. From article: "But 1,215 generics, many of them the most prescribed drugs, jumped on average more than 400 percent in a single year. ... 90 percent of all prescriptions filled in this country are filled with generic drugs."

9 May: Mexico Wants to Decriminalize All Drugs and Negotiate With the U.S. to Do the Same.
7 May: Cannabis Industry Work Costing U.S. Veterans Their Retirement Pensions. Senate Republicans refuse to allow simple majority votes on rescheduling or descheduling cannabis.

Cardiff 2019 May 4 Wales UK crowd

Cardiff, UK. Cannabis March. May 4, 2019. Media.

4 May: Illinois. Democrat governor (with Democrat legislature) announces plan to legalize marijuana.
3 May: 'Luxembourg Can Set an Example in Europe' When It Legalizes Cannabis in 2020. [349][350].
2 May 2019: Colorado. Marijuana Consumption and Hospitality Businesses Passes Legislature. It will allow dispensaries, restaurants, hotels and other businesses to apply for pot consumption areas.


2019 Global Cannabis March and 420 map.

2 May: Trumpcare: Health insurance deductibles soar, leaving Americans with unaffordable bills. [351]. 2 May: Trumpcare: Study: (Republican) Texas rate of uninsured children double national average. [352].
2 May: Trumpcare: Time to Admit It: Trump Opposes Cannabis Legalization. He opposed latest 3 bills for veterans’ access to medical cannabis. Veterans such as: "Antonio Bascaro has served 39 years for a nonviolent marijuana offense. He was released today and is with his family. There are no words." [353][354][355][356][357][358][359][360].

1 May 2019: Las Vegas council approves marijuana ‘social’ lounges.
30 Apr: Large-Scale Cannabis Business Park in Detroit Will Train Past Marijuana Offenders.
30 Apr: Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (Republican) says Senate won't pass bill to lower penalties for marijuana.
29 Apr: People Over 40 Shouldn't Work More Than 3 Days a Week, Study Says. [361].

29 Apr: Paul Free released after 25 years in prison for nonviolent marijuana offenses. [362][363].

Yearly GCM-420 city lists and maps.
27 Apr 2019: Why Senate Republicans block and filibuster the rescheduling of cannabis (even for medical purposes): Marijuana can block a green card holder’s U.S. citizenship — even in states where it’s legal.
24 Apr 2019: Will legal pot mark the end of the neighborhood weed man? Exorbitant dispensary prices.
2019 Facebook event pages and reports. 4/20 and Cannabis Marches worldwide. Getting lit! Stoners around the US and Canada celebrate the biggest 420 day EVER at public festivals after a tenth state legalizes recreational weed. Daily Mail.

Global Marijuana March animated

History of 420 in cannabis culture and activism.
18 Apr 2019: For the fourth time, Democrat Sargent introduces bill to fully legalize marijuana in Wisconsin. Republicans again threaten to block it in a state with majority support for legalization.

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