There is a story behind this strain that is kind of an urban legend. A very nervous and sweating man walks into a bar and sits down and orders a beer which he quaffs down and finishes. The other people at the bar can't help but notice how nervous this guy is so they ask him, "what's the matter?" The nervous guy calms down a little bit and tells the people that he was a pot grower but is now sure that the police are after him and know that he is cultivating cannabis. He goes on to explain that he has just finished disposing of all the equipment and plant material that might get him in trouble. The guys at the bar ask him, "where did you dispose of all that equipment?" and the guy directs them to a certain dumpster at a certain location in the city. The guys in the bar then find that dumpster which is full of lights, fans and hydroponic equipment. They also found old Cannabis stalks and leaves as well as lots and lots of seeds. These seeds were rescued from the Dumpster and so began the legend of the strain we call "Dumpster."

I have observed this strain under the tender loving care of a master grower who told me the above story. I did not read it on any website and this master grower was confident that the strain was indeed "Dumpster" from Ohio. The strain is mostly Indica and produces stout plants with very dense nuggets. The lower buds form denser "golfball" nuggets instead of wispy and airy "popcorn" nuggets. The plants form a main dominant cola which is quite dense and has remarkable bag appeal.

The color of the plant was a lime-green color somewhere in between dark green and light green. The quality of the stone was powerful and narcotic yet euphoric, and the duration of the stone seemed to last all day and night. The odor and flavor was a combination of fruity and skunky while the vaporized crystals would tickle your nose and induce sneezing if you weren't used to it. For these reasons combined with the Dumpster's immense bag appeal, the bud became legendary and people became depressed when it was out of stock.

I recall that clones of Dumpster rooted very slowly when compared with other strains and this master grower took many clones and selected only the most vigorous ones. The less vigorous clones and the runts just grew too slowly for this master grower's liking and were tossed. The slow cloning and the succeptibility to mold were two of this strain's weaker points. But the potency and flavor were top-notch and have become the stuff of legend 'round these parts.

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