Breeder: Chimera Seeds
Location: Indoor / Outdoor
Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
Genetics: Burmese (f) (Sativa landrace) x DJ Short's Blueberry (m)
Flowering (indoors): 50-55+ days
Flowering (outside): Mid-October
Height: 90+ cm / 120+ cm
Yield: 570 - 680 grams

These seeds are the hybrid result of a true heritage Burmese Sativa land race mother being fertilized with highly selected Blueberry pollen donors. The resulting plants are tall, proudly Sativa dominant structure and lime green foliage and frosty sweet nuggets. A sweet tropical key-lime citrus nose with floral undertones and a crystal-clear, inspiring and motivational high. Give her room to stretch in the first few weeks of flowering and you’ll be rewarded with prolific sugar bushes; the resins produce some of the finest dry or water extracted hashish.

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