Breeder: Motarebel Seeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: Indica dominant hybrid
Genetics: Pacific G-13 (f) x Yumboldt (m)
Flowering: ~63 days

G-Bolt is a cross between a female Pacific G-13 and a male Yumboldt from Sagarmatha seeds. The G-13 clone is a great base strain as it adds good structure, great yields, excellent body stone and it's very easy to clone.

The Yumboldt male has blessed this cross with its awesome woodsey flavor. G-Bolt is a heavy brancher and is better for a SCRoG type grow. A good to excellent yielder pending veg time, we recommend at least 6 weeks. The buds are very stinky and the smell is hard to cover. A very relaxing stone that will remind you of good, old-school buds.

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