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The filibuster and presidential veto should be short delays before 50% +1 votes.
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Source, and Wikipedia.
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Economic justice delayed is justice denied. The filibuster is an antiquated notion from a bygone racist era.

Vote out US Taliban Republicans and their wars on cannabis, voting rights, abortion rights, living wages, universal healthcare. Healthcare, not warfare!.

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Global Marijuana March animated.gif Share link: Alternatives. See also: Under Trump, wages are not just flat, they are falling. And: Holy War on Drugs, Conservative-led global incarceration. And: Register and vote for cannabis. And: Vote out most Republicans.

30 Apr 2019: Researchers say there’s a simple way to reduce suicides: Increase the minimum wage. Washington Post.

Source and comments. Wealth held by older households in the US.

2018: the year of the autocrat. 25 Dec 2018. The Guardian. "America’s Donald Trump, Russia’s Vladimir Putin, China’s Xi Jinping, and a rogues’ gallery of like-minded, second-tier authoritarian figures around the world ..."

Source and comments.

Netherlands. 2nd lowest incarceration rate

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8 Jul 2016: The Netherlands has a strange problem: Empty prisons. 2nd lowest incarceration rate in Europe. - "there has also been a switch toward using community service sentences and ankle-bracelet monitoring systems."

Nations with better healthcare outcomes

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See: Canadian single-payer universal healthcare versus US healthcare.

Germany versus USA

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Source and comments. Bernie Sanders Facebook page.

Germany's kinder and safer prisons

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Germany has much lower incarceration and murder rates than in the USA.

"Inmates live in rooms and sleep in beds, not on concrete or steel slabs with thin padding. They have privacy—correctional officers knock before entering. Prisoners wear their own clothes, and can decorate their space as they wish. They cook their own meals, are paid more for their work, and have opportunities to visit family, learn skills, and gain education. ... There is little to no violence—including in communal kitchens where there are knives and other potentially dangerous implements. And the maximum time inmates spend in any kind of punitive solitary is eight hours. ... In Germany, prosecutors and judges are not elected. As career civil servants, they are insulated from public opinion."

Finland, the happiest country

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Source and comments. In the top graph that blue line going down over the years is half of the US population losing income while the red line is the 1% going up. Compare to Western Europe graph below where the 1% share has increased much less.

Safe, happy and free: does Finland have all the answers? By Jon Henley in Helsinki. 12 Feb 2018. The Guardian. "Last year, on the centenary of its independence, Finland was ranked, by assorted international indices, the most stable, the safest and the best-governed country in the world."

Video. Why is Finland the Happiest Country in the World? 26 Nov 2018. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders's post.

Finland's open prisons

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Listen to the audio too.

"By the end of this period of 'decarceration,' Finland had one of the lowest rates of imprisonment on the continent. Lappi-Seppälä says crime didn’t increase as a result. 'The lesson from Finland was that it was perfectly possible to drop the use of imprisonment [by two-thirds,]' he says, 'and that did not disturb the crime trend development in Finland.' What did work was a gradual reintroduction into normal life, the kind that the open prisons offer. About a third of Finnish inmates are housed in open prison, and Finland’s Criminal Sanctions Agency says inmates who go through open prisons are less likely to be arrested again. The reoffending rate drops almost 20 percent. Open prisons also cost less."

Switzerland. Cannabis use in prisons

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In Switzerland, Marijuana Use Helps Keep Prisons Calm and Safe. "The Swiss prison guards agree that marijuana use among inmates is a good thing." By Kristen Gwynne. AlterNet. August 9, 2013.

Alternatives to incarceration nations

California yearly prison cost versus yearly Stanford cost.jpg
Bernie Sanders post. See data.

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See also: Holy War on Drugs, Republican-led mass incarceration.

A December 2016 Brennan Center for Justice study said 39 percent of people in U.S. prisons were 'unnecessarily incarcerated,' and that 576,000 inmates could be swiftly released without endangering their fellow Americans. ... Private philanthropy is playing a major role to build on reform trends, channeling ideas generated from the Obama administration's Data-Driven Justice Initiative to fund evidence-based, alternative programs at the local level that require no action or approval from Washington.

Want to Reduce Crime? Raise Wages

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"The first study, from the White House Council of Economic Advisers, finds that raising the minimum wage to $12 by 2020—as proposed by Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Rep. Bobby Scott (D-Va.)—would reduce criminal activity by 3 percent to 5 percent, saving American communities as much as $17 billion each year. ... A comprehensive approach to criminal justice will thus fall short if it does not also include a path to economic justice."

Denmark teaches empathy in schools

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the UN’s World Happiness Report, an important survey that since 2012 classifies the happiness of 155 countries in the world, and that for seven years has placed Denmark among the top three happiest countries on a global level.

Reduce police violence. Complaint forms

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Scotland. Adult at age 16

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Wikipedia: Education in Scotland: "In 2014, research by the Office for National Statistics found that Scotland was the most highly educated country in Europe".

Prolonged adolescence is a waste of time and money. Public high school in the USA costs an average of $12,509 a year per student in taxes. The money spent between the ages of 16 to 18 could be set aside for 2 years of full board and tuition college. See also:

  • Finland Will Become The First Country In The World To Get Rid of All School Subjects. March 11, 2017 article. "This new system, which is due to commence in 2020, will be introduced to students at the age of 16, meaning that after completing their initial broad subject studies, they can then choose for themselves which particular event or phenomenon that they wish to study, based on their interests and future prospects."

Voting age of 16 in many countries

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Refuse to serve as juror in felony cases

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Long sentences are what distinguish American mass incarceration from incarceration in other nations. One way to do your bit in turning this around is to refuse to convict (call someone guilty) in felony cases.

You can refuse to serve as a juror in felony cases. Tell the judge you won't convict. You can do it privately by asking to come up to the bench before jury final selection is made.

Or do it boldly (and educate the jury pool) by holding up your hand while sitting in the jury pool. Then ask your question about whether they want someone as a juror who won't convict. No one can force you to say someone is guilty or not guilty. Jurors alone have this power in a jury trial.

Tell them, if true, that you are willing to be a juror in misdemeanor cases.

Related article:

Vote out overzealous prosecutors

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"In a year with renewed attention on the corrosive and discriminatory effects of harsh sentencing, notorious, tough-on-crime local prosecutors are increasing being held accountable for perpetuating an overzealous style of law and order. Until recently, these elections were battles of who could appear harsher on crime. The same hysteria over crime and illegal drugs that drove mass incarceration in the late 1980s and 1990s also created intense political pressure."

Women against mass incarceration

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Stop jailing so many kids

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"The mass incarceration epidemic in the US has been getting much-deserved attention in recent years. What’s less well known is that some of the worst atrocities in the prison system are being committed against children—the US is the largest jailer of children in the world. ... Research proves that incarceration actually increases crime: Young people sent to youth prisons instead of community treatment programs are much more likely to commit more crimes upon release. Across the country, youths, families, and advocates are campaigning for reforms..."

Brilliant solution to homelessness

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