Haze, although 100% Sativa, is not a landrace strain. It was created in the 1970s in California by breeding multiple landrace Sativas including Mexican, Columbian, Thai, and Indian. The original haze is a tall, alightly busy, very long flowering Cannabis plant. The buds, as with most pure sativas, are usually small, spaced out, skinny, and long. The original Haze is well known, along with many other sativas to produced very fluffy buds. Haze is also famous for its unique smell, taste, and strong "Psychedelic" effect. The CBD levels in Haze or very minimal, while Delta9 THC Levels are very high. The plants specific Terpene and Terpinoid profile also makes it a very "heady" high.

Very popular in the 70's, it nearly became extinct in recent years as growers switched to easier varieties. Many seedbanks still offer what is supposedly the Original haze but many have been "Tainted" with Indica genetics, or are just a similar strain, aptly named. Dutch hazes especially are often crossed with Indicas, due to the often shorter growing seasons. The fragrance is complex and deep with a Herbal/spice smell combined with floral notes, and whats oe describe as leather or metal shavings.

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