Filenames for event graphics (posters, banners, flyers)[]

Images are in alphabetical order in a category. The current practice for event graphics is to put the city and then year first in filenames. This way the posters, flyers, and banners are alphabetized by city. This helps in categories such as these:

The ordering by city makes it easy to see if a poster, flyer, banner has been uploaded previously. It also makes for ordered browsing in event categories with many cities such as the subcategories of:

Filename order options useful for event graphics:

  1. city
  2. year
  3. event name or acronym (GMM). (Or the month and day of the event).
  4. state, province, or nation.
  5. number (2, 3, 4, etc.. If more than one image for a city event in a particular year).

Please upload posters, flyers, and banners.[]

It is easy. Click Upload a new image in the left sidebar of any page. Then in the upload form choose "event graphic" from the license selector menu.

Then click "upload file."