Jack Herer is a 3-way hybrid of Skunk #1, Northern Lights #5 and Haze. I'd like to think of this one as the sister of White Widow. It's about as potent as WW, it's also from Holland, it's also from the nineties and it's also still going strong. What sets it apart from White Widow becomes apparent when you smoke it; you get a clear sativa effect, that is: an uplifting clear high with a buzz.

According to Sensi Seeds it's probably the best marijuana you will ever encounter; it was decorated with nine 'prizes' and is also a recognized medicinal cannabis variety in Holland, available by prescription. My personal opinion is that everybody has his or her favorite, but Jack Herer always get's the job done for me. It gives you a wonderful high without immobilizing you and is priced very reasonably.

1994 First place winner of the overall Cannabis Cup in High Times Cannabis Cup competition.
1999 First place winner of the Sativa Cup in High Times Cannabis Cup competition.

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