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The filibuster and presidential veto should be short delays before 50% +1 votes.
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Economic justice delayed is justice denied. The filibuster is an antiquated notion from a bygone racist era.

Vote out US Taliban Republicans and their wars on cannabis, voting rights, abortion rights, living wages, universal healthcare. Healthcare, not warfare!.

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National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) Chapters:

Some news[]

  • Missouri House Bill 698. 2011: Legislation that seeks to legalize the physician-supervised use of medical marijuana has been reintroduced in the Missouri Legislature. House Bill 698 amends state law so that physician-supervised patients with an authorized “debilitating medical condition” can possess and grow marijuana for medical purposes.

**UPDATE** For the fifth year in a row, medical marijuana legislation was introduced in Missouri, and for the fifth year in a row, it was never given a fair hearing. The legislature has adjourned for the year, and patients will sadly have to wait at least another year. The bill (HB 698) was sponsored by Rep. Mike Colona (D-St. Louis), along with an impressive 10 fellow co-sponsors.

  • Missouri House Bill 1670. 2010: "For the fourth year in a row, medical marijuana legislation has been introduced in Missouri, and for the fourth year in a row the Speaker of the House — now Speaker Ron Richard (R-Joplin) — effectively killed it by assigning it to committee too late to be heard."