Breeder: Reeferman Seeds
Type: Hybrid - Sativa/Indica: 80/20
Genetics: Kodiak Gold (m) x Acapulco Gold (f)

Odin kept his hammer in his pants, only the ladies and an occasional enemy he wished to defile ever got to see it, so the legend goes. Odin’s hammer is an F1 hybrid of mythical proportions comprised of Kodiak Gold (Thunderfuck) and Acapulco Gold. The Hammer offers some real WHACK in the head department as both parents are some real head hitters, great weed for sex and frolic. I will bet Odin’s hammer was pretty abused just like this F1 will be! Nasty, crazy-ass grass! Likes organics. Be careful this is some serious creeper!

The high is up and buzzing mind melt some would say paranoid , grow her with care and they will produce really golden, hard nuggets. It's a double gold delight.

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