This is an Indica dominant strain of cannabis. It is a Hindu Kush crossed with a Afghan Purple. The plant itself isn't much purple but it has a significant taste of a purple bud. It generally contains 18-20% THC. The high is a complete head high and makes you feel as if your head is a balloon. Dank bud.

Originally hailing from Oakland (affectionately known as “Oaksterdam”) and popularized in the medical communities of California, the Purple Kush strain is an indica with old roots.[1] It’s a cross between the landrace Hindu Kush, from the mountain range along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, and Purple Afghani, a descendant of the Afghani landrace. While THC levels vary by region and grower, Purple Kush is known for its potency. THC levels clocking in anywhere from 13% to 27%.

Purple Kush is a treat for the eyes, nose and taste buds. It's currently available through four medical cannabis cultivators in Canada: TilrayCannTrustCanna Farms and Broken Coast.

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