Breeder: Northern California Growers Assoc. (NCGA)
Location: indoor / outdoor
Genetics: Vic High's Orange Crush X G-13 Blue Widow

This plant is dedicated to an associate of NCGA, a cross of Vic High's Orange Crush with our G-13 Blue Widow. Mr S passed away with cancer in 2002 and truly enjoyed growing this big girl. Mr S was the hardest worker in the garden we ever met. He put his all into his garden. This plant is very much like Mr S, give it all it needs and it will fill your garden.

This plant gets HUGE with a great yield of dense orange flavored buds. The plant is late but worth the wait in the weight it yields. When grown organically the buds are not as big but the trade off is a much enhanced flavor. For the cash cropper this one will work well if you can go until Mid October.

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